Wednesday, June 9, 2010

San Antonio. Finally.

Here's what I remember:

It was hot.

And cloudy at times.

And humid.

But I liked it.

I'm sure the humidity gets much worse, but for those two days, it was heaven.

I planned to go sight-seeing.

I didn't.

I sat by the gorgeous pool, under an umbrella, with a cocktail or four and tweeted.

It often looked just like this:

And thank God for poolside wireless internet access.

I also took random pictures of the lifeguards. Because after my third vodka-infused Vitamin Water, I stopped caring.

(Insert tan envy here.)

There was a lazy river. I love lazy rivers.

And water slides.

Who doesn't love water slides?

There was a Target nearby. It was spectacular.

The candy aisle alone brought a tear to my eye.

I am embarrassed to admit how much I spent on jelly beans.

But there were so many flavors! More than I've ever seen in one place before!

I'm sorry to say that they did not sell vodka.

Even though the sign above the aisle clearly stated "Beer. Wine. Liquor."

The local HEB didn't sell alcohol, either.

It was as I was standing amidst bottles of beer and wine, only beer and wine, when I realized I wasn't in California anymore.

Luckily, there was a liquor store right next door.

And the two men working there was so effing friendly I couldn't stand it. We actually chatted!

Texans. Weird.

I also stopped at a CVS and look what I found while looking for trail mix:

I love Edward.

(By the way, peeps? TWENTY-TWO MORE DAYS.)

We went downtown to see the Alamo.

They have a resident cat named C.C. As she strolled past us, no amount of tsk'ing or kissy noises could get her attention.

The Husband thought she was deaf. The guard on duty corrected us. "Nope, she's just a spoiled brat."

We strolled the River Walk.

It was too hot to hold hands.

We had dinner at a British pub, the name of which I've completely forgotten.

I had the chicken curry.

I love curry.

It was too hot for curry.

The River Walk is super cute.

And full of tourists.

The Husband and I had a good time.

In fact, we've been having a good time.

Such a good time that we haven't made any decisions, plans, or even talked about our relationship in weeks.

He bought us fair passes. For him, me, and my kid sister.

Just like last year.

When I told my sister, she was excited and then looked at me weird and asked, "What are you guys doing?"

To which, I had no answer.

Because I don't know.

And, as time passes, the not knowing is making me terribly anxious.


The night before I left, we had dinner with old friends.

They drove down from Austin.

It was fun.

And all I could think about was the fact that I had to wake up at four a.m. Killjoy.

All too soon it was time to fly home.

And let me just say this: Getting up at four a.m. is painful. Getting up at four a.m. when it's only two a.m. your time and you only slept for three hours? Fucking. Brutal.

I fell asleep during the first flight.

I read during most of the second.

And ate my weight in jelly beans.

Twenty minutes before we were due to land, we hit such awful turbulence I started to feel sick to my stomach.

The fear of vomiting on a plane while surrounded by people got me so worked up I started to sweat.

I had to tell myself to relax! take deep breaths! get a hold of yourself!

I thought I was going to puke the rainbow.

I didn't.

Orange County was shockingly cold compared to the warmth of San Antonio.

My teeth began to chatter as soon as I stepped outside.

Then again, my teeth chatter at the drop of a hat.

(FYI, I don't understand that saying.)

(Also, I used to work for a woman who used to say, "Just for your FYI..." Just for your for your information.)

So, I made it home.

I didn't unpack until the next day.

I changed into my pajamas, grabbed a blanket and crashed on the couch for five hours.

It was fun, but too short a trip.

I've been exhausted ever since.

The end.


  1. I'm so glad you finally gave us the San Antonio post! It sounds like a good trip, except for the jelly beans + turbulence.

  2. I bet that life guard had a weird looking tan because look at all the clothes she was wearing?? Beautiful photos by the way.Sounds like you had a good time. About the relationship ~ I would ask.

  3. Great pictures!I wish I had that tan ;)

  4. "I thought I was going to puke the rainbow. I didn’t."HA!!! fan-fucking-tastic writing on this post. You have more talents than I suspect you give yourself credit for. All of life should be taken so lightheartedly as you have with this recount of your experiences. That Alamo photo is fabu, too. Which is not an easy task, as it is a very frequently photo'd attraction, after all. Whole thing makes me rather sad I'm not going there in a few weeks after all for that friend's wedding...Btw, at the drop of a hat: is that faster or slower than in a snap? And for that matter, how long *is* a jiffy? Maybe it's time to coin "faster than Stephanie can inhale a jelly bean." That one seems easy enough to define.

  5. OK.So we still don't know about The Husband and that's OK.And we know you can suck down jelly beans. OK.But that lifeguard? With all that clothing? On that silly little stool? Not so OK.Thank goodness our lifeguard babes still wear bikinis.

  6. HonduranBakerJune 10, 2010

    I'm happy that you're happy :)-L

  7. I'm freaked out by that lifeguard. She looks like she's about to shun everyone for attempting to sit at her cafeteria table.As for not knowing...well. Normally in a clarity vs. ambiguity stand-off I come down firmly on the side of clarity, but in this case it's seems okay. Maybe by having a good time, you are working through the decision in a more subtle way. Not every relationship needs to be examined through in-depth discussions and planned out like a military coup. Sometimes it's okay to watch things develop.Just keep a watch on your heart, okay? None of us want to see it treated badly again.

  8. Fantastic, a no stress no need to talk about the relationship weekend. Can't ask for anything more than that right? I'm glad you liked our city, the humidity isn't as bad as the rest of Texas (oddly) and it doesn't get much worse than when you were out. Was it Dirty Nelly's you went to eat? I don't do the River Walk often because you know, traffic and parking. Plus I live up in the area where your hotel was at and really, who needs to go anywhere else with the kind of Targets we have right? That Jelly Bean section is an oft visited section by us, if the need ever strikes you just drop me an email and I'll go fetch you a bazillion. Great to hear you enjoyed your stay! Once you decide that So Cal has lost it's uber expensive appeal you just come on down and move to Texas! All the cool people are doing it, you know, as in, us....