Saturday, June 12, 2010


[Once upon a time, there was a video here. It was a Twilight movie clip. The one where Bella get's on the back of Jacob's bike. It's since gone missing, never to be found again...]

This clip aired on the MTV Movie Awards last Sunday. I was psyched and totally prepared to watch. I had plenty of candy (I always have plenty of candy), my computer, and a TV all to myself. Then The Husband called.

There's a whole post forming in my head about this (that may or may not actually see the light of day), but I went to see him, bound and determined to be back by ten AT THE LATEST. I set the Tivo to record and went on my way.

Naturally, I didn't get back until twelve-thirty. I was going to attempt to watch the show, but I was too tired and had to be up in just five hours, so... YouTube to the rescue.

However, I have mixed feelings about the clip. On one hand, it's pretty good. I mean, Edward is amazing. Jacob's not half bad. Bella... meh.

BUT IT DID NOT HAPPEN LIKE THIS IN THE BOOK. I know, I know... some things have to change. I get it. I do. I understand that not everything is going to happen in a movie exactly as it happened in the book.

BUT Bella would never ever have gotten on the back on that motorcycle had Edward been there, watching. She never intentionally hurt him. She hated hurting him.

God, I really do have a problem.

Anyway, I wasn't going to share the clip, especially when day after day passed and I figured everyone and their mother has already seen it if they were at all interested, but... it's what I do. And, eventually, I just couldn't resist. So, enjoy.

In other Twilight-related news, Breaking Dawn is being made into two movies (YAY!) but they're making us wait until November of 2011 for the first of the two (assholes).

Happy weekend!

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  1. I hate when they change things from the way they happened in the book! Especially when it doesn't even match the character's personality.