Sunday, September 27, 2015

39/52: Moon

2015.09.27 Moon


And because the other photos I took this week? Blech.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

38/52: Mini Canyons

Yep, another hiking photo. Which wasn't the plan except then I got all fever-y and ill on Friday and of course I got sick when I actually remembered to grab my camera on the way to manfriend's house. Which is where I spend, like, half of every week. Which is fun, but kinda getting old, too, 'cause it means PACKING EVERY SINGLE WEEK. And no one likes to pack. Even more so, no one likes to unpack. And, don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm packing a suitcase, but still. I mean, I count myself in good shape if I throw extra socks and panties in my purse and grab an extra shirt off the hanger. Or else I'm doing an emergency load of laundry and running back and forth from the laundromat and the apartment in baggy men's pajamas. That's not embarrassing or anything.

Anyway, as this is the only photo I have to share, let me tell you about it. We got some rain last week. (Every time it rains in Southern California, I make the same bad joke: "Does this mean the drought's over?" It gets a chuckle like a quarter of the time.) (I have the sneaking suspicion that some people think I'm serious because no one really knows how much rain we need. Let me be clear: a half an inch AIN'T GONNA CUT IT.)

So, we got some rain last week (which means everyone was three hours late to work because we all go full retard when water starts falling from the sky). The hiking trails are usually "closed for 3 days following rain," but they can't really "close" the trails 'cause, well, there aren't any doors. So, I guess it's an "at your own risk" sort of thing. I risked it. So did lots of people. There was some mud, sure, but the ground is so dry these days, any moisture we get is almost immediately absorbed. The smell of wet, clean earth: amazing. The rain caused mini canyons. (Canyons upon canyons.)

And then it got dark. Even earlier than last week. And, as I was still a mile from my car, a minor freak out ensued. But I survived the darkness to tell you about it, so I'll count that a success. The end.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

37/52: Sunset Hike

20150908_191103 e

The days are getting shorter. It was just a couple weeks ago that I was able to hike as late as 8:30. (At least, it feels like only a couple weeks ago.) Now 7:45 is pushing it and even earlier if I'm alone cuz hiking in the dark by yourself is scary.

My mom and I hike together once a week. This past week was super hot and humid. (We don't do humid in southern Californis. Humidity turns us into the biggest babies you've ever seen. Seriously, it's almost embarrassing except we're so miserable we don't care what you think.)

Despite the miserableness of it all, we've been getting these crazy cloud patterns and beautiful sunsets. (I'm still a sucker for a pink sky; that much hasn't changed.) I left my phone in the car so once I saw what was happening on the horizon, I had to keep asking my mother for her phone. Which I think irritated her a little bit, but I've been irritating her for 33 years now, WHAT'S ONE MORE DAY.

This isn't my favorite photo of the bunch; I posted that one on Instagram. I was gonna double dip but that felt like cheating.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

36/52: Palm Tree

20150901_155153 e

So, here's a random fact about me. If I can't hang something perfectly straight, I will intentionally hang it at an extreme angle. Otherwise, every time I look at it, I'll notice how crooked it is... even if the imperfection is minuscule.

Textures are my "extreme angles" in photo editing. If I'm not happy with a photo, I'll use a texture and just cover up all the stupid imperfections. Lame, I know, but hey, whatever helps me sleep at night, right?

This palm tree was one of many that surrounded the pool I sat in for three super relaxing day while celebrating my birthday out in the desert. There's only one thing that could have made the trip any better and that's if it had been longer than three days.