Monday, April 30, 2012

Archives. (No, it's an actual post.) (Well, kind of.)

For most of you, it's already May 1st. For me, I've got another 47 minutes.

I got to thinking a little bit ago (where a little bit ago = 23 minutes) (I counted) about how here I had let another month go by without posting. And maybe, if I really tried hard enough, I could hurry and squeeze a post in so that at least April wouldn't be forever missing from my archives.

This then got me thinking about archive lists. If you've been paying attention, you know that the appearance of my blog changes, well, once in a while. (Where "once in a while" = EVERY FUCKING DAY.) My own archive list has moved from sidebar... to it's very own page... and back to my sidebar. Because I can never made a decision about the importance of such a list.

(42 minutes)

Let's be honest. No one ever clicks on the archives. For most, the sidebar archive list is a badge of honor. See that? See how long I've been bloggin?g! Add in a few "neeners" just for kicks. (And apparently I think most people are snobs.)

Except in my case. (Naturally.) (Dude, I'm not a snob.)

(38 minutes)

No, I've decided to display the archives in my sidebar solely for appearances. Because without it? My blog would be sorely lopsided. No, I'm not kidding. This is me at my most freakish. (You thought you'd seen the worst, hadn't you? Trust me peeps, you ain't seen nothin' yet.)

(33 minutes)

(30 minutes) (We had  a bug incident, but it's been taken care of.)

(And I know what you're thinking, since when do I take care of bugs in 3 minutes time? I don't. I'm with a friend who is manly enough to take care of the monstrous and disgusting creatures in a way that I'll never be able to. His 3-minute matter-of-fact bug expediting would have taken me a day and a half. Plus recovery time.)

(28 minutes)

It's a rare thing for me to click on someone's archive list. This has happened only once or twice when I became so infatuated that I thought I just have to go to the beginning and thus the archive list came into play. I can't remember any of the blogs with which this happened, so obviously the infatuation never lasted long. (This also happened a couple of times when I'd stumble across a blogger with so much effing drama in their life that I wondered what they wrote about before the shit storm.)

(17 minutes) (I was distracted by a youtube video.) (My life is full of inconsequential distractions these days.)

So, I was torn. Do I hurry and post so that April 2012 isn't lost forever? Or do I let it pass and be comfortable in the fact that at least no one will click on April 2012 just to be confronted with one sad, lonely post that was only written to make a deadline?

This is the shit I worry about. And I still don't have an answer. All I can do is click the "publish" button (which mocks me every time I leave a post unfinished) (you'd be surprised just how many of these there are) and give you something, anything, to read.

And I'll tell myself that May will be different. May will be full of clever, interesting blog posts. May will be the month it all comes together.

(13 minutes)

(550 words in 34 minutes? Not bad. You'd think I'd be able to do this more than once a fucking month.)

Or I'll see you again on May 31st. One can never tell.

The end.

(6 minutes)