Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunset or dead seagull? I couldn't decide.

I demand that you appreciate these photos of the sunset because I had to lay on my stomach and lean out of a second-story window that's maybe a teensy bit bigger than a shoebox, keep myself from falling, press the shutter, and simultaneously prevent my neurotic cat from taking a flying leap as she's been trying to escape for the last two years since we decided to make them "indoors only." The monster. (This is the same cat who likes to chew up my books. And rack up thousands of dollars in vet bills for NO APPARENT REASON.)

It was a few nights ago while I was sitting at my ironing board desk in my bedroom, doing whatever it is I do on my computer and watching Family Guy (what else?) when I finally noticed that our bedroom was glowing. Come on, peeps, we all know I'm a total sucker. FOR A SUNSET. Thank you very much.

At first I grabbed my camera and ran outside. But our neighbors? The ones who like to pretend their six by six foot concrete patio is a playground slash pool? They were out in full force and wandering aimlessly about and, well, I realize I need to get over this, but I hate acting the tourist. In front of my neighbors. My fourteen-year-old sister would roll her eyes at that 'cause she's all above caring what people think. I can only hope that I'll be as cool as her by the time I'm thirty.

I was also using the wrong lens. I'm so in love with my fifty prime that I always think it'll work great in any situation. Yeah. Not really. So, I switched lenses, briefly wished for a killer wide-angle, and flung myself out the window. You're welcome. What's funny is that our bedroom faces another apartment building only a few short feet away. Which means that anyone looking out of their kitchen or bedroom window would have seen me hanging out of mine. (And they would have thought, wow, that girl needs to brush her hair.) For some reason, this doesn't bother me. Maybe because I can't see them, technically they don't exist?

And then there's this.

I'm sorry, but I keep stumbling across this photo and I always sit and look at it for a moment and wonder how I can work it into a post. Well, it totally doesn't work here, but then again, when does a photo of a dead seagull ever work? I swear I didn't notice the seagull that took it's own life until I had already taken the photos. I was just trying to fight off the seasickness and capture a photo of those cute sea lumps lions.

This was also the day I realized my mother and I are very much alike in one very painful way. We both become incredibly disappointed when others don't ABSOLUTELY LOVE what WE LOVE. She loves to go sailing and when I didn't immediately fall in love with it, too, she was all heartbroken. And as I watched her face fall and begin to pout, I thought, oh God, no wonder my husband never wants to admit he doesn't like something. THIS IS HOW I ACT. AND IT'S NOT PRETTY.

And I immediately threw myself overboard.


  1. Those sunset pictures are perfect. Thank you for taking them :) But the dead seagull makes me squirm. The sea lions don't seem to mind, though. And throwing yourself overboard is never the answer. Just look at that poor seagull.

  2. wow, nice sunset pics! I also don't like to take photos when other people are there (except family, that's ok). I just don't like being mistaken for a tourist (and they're everywhere here, and locals make fun of them).

  3. Seagull kamakazi, or however you spell it. Love your sunset pictures! Wow! Gorgeous skies! I agree the nifty fifty isn't the lens for landscapes. A wide angle is a must to capture the full effect!

  4. Dude, zoom in on that seagull because I can't figure out for the life of me HOW it took it's own life!And I'm officially convinced that California sunsets > everywhere else's sunsets. I have a cousin that lives in Simi Valley and works in Calabasas, and I keep telling her I'm going to come live with her. Maybe when I finally do I'll come hang out your window with you.

  5. Maybe the seagull is just resting? It looks exhausted.

  6. Those clouds, that sunset! Beautiful!Is the seagull hanging? Weird.I sure wish my husband and kids didn't want to admit when they don't like something I like. They're always dissing my likings.

  7. I've never seen a sunset like that. Come on. Beautiful. Staggering. Exotic.Meanwhile since you're young and techy, can't you find a way to paint the dead bird out? Actually, scratch that -- I love the dead bird. It totally makes the photo.Like the new digs, but feel a little sad you left the wordpress family. It made me feel cool that your cool blog was there too...and after all, it is all about me.Ciao bella.