Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Feels like Summer?

Lately, I've been so afraid of being cold that I overdress. And then overheat. It's becoming a serious problem.

See, our apartment doesn't get any sun, which I suppose is great during the hot summer months, but not so much in the winter. In the winter, I freeze. I have space heaters strategically placed all around the apartment... one under my desk, in my closet, next to the sofa to warm my tosies while I'm watching TV.

In the winter my closet turns into an icebox and it becomes absolutely painful to change clothes. In the winter I'm always wishing for heated floors and toilet seats. A towel warmer. And a central heating system THAT WORKS. (Because the one that was installed 40 years ago is crap.)

Now that it's summer, our apartment has been a lot warmer. I still wear sweatshirts most of the time, but it's much more comfortable. My problem starts when I go to get dressed to leave. Take yesterday, for example. I decided to take a walk down to the fairgrounds. The Orange County Fair opens on Friday and since we live just blocks away, we always get to see them erecting the rides and games and stages. I wanted to get a peak, maybe a picture, so I got dressed for a stroll.

As I left the house in jeans, a tee shirt, and sweatshirt, I was comfortable.

When I got to the fairgrounds, I was hot and miserable.

So hot and miserable, in fact, that I had lost most interest in taking pictures which is why this one totally sucks.

But there's the giant Ferris wheel. Well, most of it.

Carnival rides really scare the doodie out of me. The only two I'll go on are the Ferris wheel (called "Le Grande Wheel") (I don't get it either) and the People Mover. You know that thing that has seats and takes you up high and slowly moves you from one end of the fair to the other? Yeah, that.

And both of these rides turn me into a mass of trembling nerves. But the thought and possibility of plunging to one's death is sort of thrilling. Or something. My husband and sister go on rides that flip you up and down and upside down and around and around all while hanging hundreds of feet up in the air until someone ralphs. They think it's awesome. I think they're nuts.

I also personally think it takes more than a week to build rides and make them safe. But that's just me. I'll stick with the exhilarating People Mover.

Here are the top ten six reasons I'm excited for the fair:

Caramel apples. Last year we found the most amazing caramel apples. They're huge and dipped in caramel and then chocolate and then candy. And there are all sorts of crazy, wonderful, hip-expanding combinations. They're fantastic. I've been dreaming of them since last year.

Fried avocado. Wait. Fried EVERYTHING. Amen. (And, holy Godiva, I just found out they'll have DEEP FRIED S'MORES this year.)

The hypnotist. 'Cause it's awesome watching people act like complete lunatics. (And, no, you will never see me volunteer for this.)

The smell of barbecue and corn on the cob. Maybe I'll actually eat some this year.

Baby pigs. (Speaking of barbecue, right? Oh, relax. I'm kidding.) I'm a sucker for farm animals. Especially mini ones.

The games. Ridiculously expensive and probably fixed games that'll win me a five cent stuffed animal that I'll later throw away because, oh yeah, I'M NOT FIVE. And watching my sucker husband try to guess his pitching speed is always fun.

So... how do you feel about deep fried everything?


  1. Deep fried is my middle name! I love the fair....turkey legs, cotton candy, funnel cakes....mmmmmm! Deep fried s'mores? Have one for me and let me know how you like it.

  2. You had me at "deep friend s'mores!" I'm hoping those make it up to N. Cal for ours.

  3. My stomach is a wuss when it comes to deep fried. I can only take so much, which isn't much, sadly. We haven't been to a county fair in so long. There's one about an hour away in late August. I really want to go this year. I love the farm animals, and I stay away from the rides!

  4. Deep fried? Are ya kiddin'?Livin' in the South we love anything and everything fried. You could deep fat fry a turd and I'd probably try it.

  5. OK, first of all, we have to address the serious delusion issue - honey, darlin', sweet little lamb chop...YOU LIVE IN FREAKIN' CALIFORNIA!!!!When the weather persons there start talking about temps below zero? And then they add the wind chill factor? I will so feel your pain. Until then, zip it...just like that hoodie. Mmmm-k?*ahem*Now that we have that sorted... sweet mother of God - deep fried s'mores???? Will you bring me one if I ask very nicely? (Oh...maybe I should have asked very nicely before I snarked all over your pansy ass, huh?)

  6. Hat Chick, I think the food might be the best part. At least, it is for someone who's as afraid of the rides as I am. Deanna, I can't wait to try them! Although, I'm a terrible "waffler." (That's what my husband calls me.) I'll go in with the intention of getting the s'mores, but then I'll see something else I really want and suddenly I can't make up my mind and I eventually walk out with nothing. It's a terrible problem of mine.Gayle, I'm sorry about your stomach. I'd be heartbroken if I couldn't pig out to my heart's content. Although, my waistline would probably appreciate it. I hope you get to the fair this year. I love wandering around and looking at all the animals. We also have been expo halls filled with local photography and arts and crafts. I love wandering those halls. Rory, that is so gross I can't help but laugh.Violet, okay. You got me. I live in southern California. I know. I'm a wuss. But our apartment really is cold! Sigh. I'm not going to win this one, am I? I suppose I could bring you a s'more... even if you did call me a pansy ass. (Doesn't matter that it's true.)

  7. Thankyouverymuch I just gained 3 pounds by reading this post. I hope they NEVER find out how to make computers able to produce the food you're reading about because I'd be in serious trouble!Anyway, I'm always underdressed. Our place gets more sun than any Mediterranean beach, and I never remember that if Ieave the house for dinner by the sea at 8pm, it'll soon be dark and breezy and I'll be borrowing clothes from all my friends.Oh, and after reading your sunset pics post... I am one of those who cares about what people think of me+camera, and i made it a point not to change lenses in public. I always go to great lenghts to avoid being seen doing it (and now there's dust in my sensor). If poeple see you changing lenses, they start asking you to do sessions with their kids and things like that like you're a pro and I am NOT.

  8. I'm always cold, too. Listen to me: cardigans. Buy a series of them in different weights. They are easier to layer than sweatshirts and if you get hot you just tie them around your waist. Yes, I always look like an uptight librarian. What's your point?I've had the deep fried s'mores and they are indeed delicious. I'm fascinated by the deep fried avocado, though. Can you describe?I haven't had a caramel apple in years. And now I'm craving one. But have no idea how one procures such a thing minus a fair or Halloween. Thanks for tormenting the pregnant lady!

  9. Fried avocado? Ohmy! I've never tried it. I've never even heard of it. And I have a feeling I'd love it....Fried snickers are really good.