Saturday, June 6, 2009

And the cat pictures start now.

Our kids used to be "outdoors." But we changed that a year or two ago when our girl, Mercedes, wound up at the vet for unknown reasons. A three-day hospital stay and two-thousand dollars later and we decided that we wouldn't risk it anymore. They're safer indoors.

But that doesn't mean they don't still follow us to the door, just hoping to get outside. Of course, on the rare occasions when they've managed to escape, they both freeze on the patio, totally nervous and unsure of what to do next. Say their name and they bolt right back inside.

And Luke (above) is the biggest fraidy cat of all.


  1. Luke is so handsome. I really like the angle and lighting on this!

  2. Oh, I love cat pictures. Luke is a cutie.

  3. My boys have only been outside once intentionally, when we let them on the back patio (when we lived in a house with a yard). They totally spazzed and were never so happy as when we brought them back in. i love the angle and lighting in this photo

  4. Two grand? Ouch.But we totally understand it- we'd do the same thing for our dogs. It's just that down here I know I'd be listening to "Dude, what're ya thinkin'? It's a DOG??!!And that's cool. I'm just not hearin' em.