Sunday, June 7, 2009

I certainly haven't given you much, have I?

Peeps, I'm tired. This morning I found it nearly painful to get out of bed. I felt as if I'd sucked down eight margaritas then went for a swim in quicksand. Finally, finally, after snoozing the alarm too many times to count and being poked at and shaken by The Husband, I got up and on with it.

But it wasn't pleasant for anyone involved.

On Thursday I go back for my second appointment at the Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery. (I like to say their whole name. It sounds important.) I made up for taking Thursday and Friday off by working this past weekend. Which means I will sleepwalk my way into the office tomorrow on what will be day seven of nine.

This really wouldn't be so bad if I didn't currently find myself in a pattern of staying up too late each night to finish "just one more page." So, yes, it's entirely my fault. (And to anyone with young children, anyone who has to work before eight a.m., anyone who doesn't have the opportunity to sleep as much as I do... I apologize. But that doesn't change the fact that I feel physically exhausted.)

So, why am I still up writing? Because I love you. And because I realized I hadn't yet taken a picture today. And I came this close to saying "forget it"... and then decided to stick with it. 'Cause I really should try to finish something.

And because I look at this blog as a type of modern day scrapbook and I want to have these posts and pictures to look back on in the future. I want to look back on this one of our girl Mercedes and remember she was "middle aged" in this photo. And I want to remember what a shock it was to realize that just days before said photo was taken. She's only seven, but in cat years... And I want to remember how sweet she was at this age, how she used to curl up on my lap and then, in sleep, how she'd stretch out in the nook of my own outstretched legs.

I need to remember this, because when we first adopted her? She was nearly two years old and for a solid six months I was this close to giving her up. 'Cause she was freaking batshit crazy.


  1. My cat was six years old when we adopted him. He was not batshit crazy, but he ate everything, he had no favorite foods nor irrational dislikes. He is 10 years old now and acts like a divo on a movie press tour. I don't want to make a indecent proposal , but Mercedes and Moos would make beautiful kitties.Ahum... if Moos wasn't fixed that is.

  2. I'll never grow bored of your cat pictures,never. I'm addicted to cats as well. They fill up my life. Cripe I have 6 of the friendliest, lovin' barn cats with two indoor kitty cats. If you ever saw the James Bond movie, Octopussy, where there is a comment of "pussy galore"(sorry), that's what is in my barn. My Pussy Galore!

  3. Mercedes is so cute with her little gray chin! Hope you're getting a good night sleep!

  4. Got ya beat - I'm on day 8 of 12 work days in a row. And the last five (12 hour days) were spent with 20 college-age women for a very intense conference. I got my teeth cleaned first thing this morning and I think the hygienist thought I was mute or "slow" or something because I was practically catatonic the whole time I was in the chair.My yard hasn't been mowed in over two weeks. Despite the thought that I may have to attack it with a scythe instead of the lawnmower, I am thanking sweet Jesus that it's raining today.Can't wait to hear more about the plastic surgery thing - you're such a tease!

  5. Stephanie, I just wanted to tell you that another blog I read posted about having trouble with people not being able to leave comments. They are on Blogger, also Maybe it's some issue with Blogger.

  6. Your blog is making me crazy-hungry for chocolate!!!Our Black Lab just turned seven too, and I feel the exact same way about her as you do about your kitty (even about the freaking batshit crazy early years!!). Even though there are times when I wonder what we got ourselves into when we adopted her 6 years ago, I love her to bits and I don't want her to get old. I wish she could stay just as she is forever.On a totally different subject.... Gayle mentioned in a comment on our blog that you're also having problems with your comment function. One suggestion we had for fixing the problem is removing the Followers gadget or moving it all the way down to the bottom of the page. But you don't have a Followers gadget here. Hmmmm.... if I hear of any other possible reasons for the problem, I'll let you know.Kelly @ DesignTies