Monday, December 22, 2008

This is what I do.

If things had gone the way I had planned, you'd be reading about my fascinating (she said sarcastically) day instead of how I locked myself out of my apartment.

I was going to add lots of pictures and it would be entitled "A Day in the Life of Stephanie on Vacation."

Catchy, huh?

I had pictures of The Husband and I playing the Wii this morning, pictures of cleaning out our pantry, pictures of J and I at Target, at the beach, the sunset that didn't do as we hoped.

But then it was seven o'clock and I had heartburn. At least, I think it was heartburn. I don't think I've ever felt heartburn before, but I've asked plenty of people what it feels like and I'd say they were pretty spot on. If this is heartburn.

Then The Husband left for Los Angeles airport (his dad is flying to the Philippines for Christmas, and I know what you're thinking, who does that?!) and I grabbed my purse to run to the drug store. I have cookies to bake here, people! I can't let a little heartburn slow me down.

And why is it that as soon as the door closes and locks behind you, you realize you don't have your keys? And you do know. Without a doubt. That you don't have your keys.

I did the obligatory dumping of the purse contents, but I already knew what I'd find. And it wasn't a set of keys.

I called The Husband, hoping maybe, just maybe, he hadn't gotten too far and they'd be able to turn around. My call went straight to voicemail. Go figure.

I left a message and placed my next call.

"Hi, mommy," I said into the phone. "Are you busy?"

Fifteen minutes later, I was sitting warm in her car, on the way to her office. Unfortunately, I'm at her mercy for the next three hours until The Husband can pick me up.

Fortunately, she has a spare laptop with internet access.

And we have chocolate.


  1. Yikes! Glad you had someone besides Hubby to help you out of this one!I did the same thing (twice) and each time, I was very pregnant! The first time wasn't so bad... single story home, open back door. The second time, however, the open bathroom window required a ladder to get to. Boy, was Hubby mad when he found out I climbed through the window! I barely fit, too!Good times!!

  2. I hate to admit it, but this certainly isn't the first time I've done this, but I've never been pregnant at the time! That would sure make the situation a lot more interesting. I've been lucky in the past. I was locked out during the day and I could swing by the office and ask for the spare, but not this time. It was either sit out on the patio, in the cold, and wait... or call my mom. She's my hero. :)