Thursday, August 21, 2008

The fight

It was all over ice cream and how he had agreed to get some with me, but once we arrived at Golden Spoon he decided he wanted Starbucks which was right next to the ATM we had just left and I didn't understand why he couldn't have decided this while we were over there, but he didn't want to carry it on his bike, but it's okay for me to carry ice cream on my bike, and so he went to get his Starbucks and I told him I'd wait, but I waited and waited and waited, and finally I decided to go see what was taking so long because what if something bad had happened and I didn't have my cell phone because I never have my cell phone, but just as I was about to cross the street, there he was and he was all let's go get your ice cream and I was all no, I'm over it, let's just go home, and then he felt bad and GOOD, HE SHOULD HAVE, and he started giving me all these excuses and I was just not having it, YOU KEPT ME FROM ICE CREAM, and sure, I could've still had some, but I was mad and I'm so good at being a martyr, so I had no ice cream, and the funny thing is he still takes no responsibility for any of it because it was Starbucks' fault for forgetting his order and YOU SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN ICE CREAM LIKE YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO.

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