Friday, August 22, 2008

Lindt Excellence Chili Dark

(More blue glare. And some blur. Again... my bad.)

While The Husband and I were at Target, I decided to take a stroll through the candy aisle and see if anything caught my eye. I grabbed this the instant I saw it. I've wanted to experience this combination of flavors ever since I watched Chocolat. (And if you haven't seen this movie, add it to your Netflix queue immediately. It's incredibly sweet and romantic and wonderful.) Normally, this kind of chocolate would make me nervous, but that's exactly why I had to go for it. It's all about trying new things, right?

So, let's open this bad boy up.

Hello, lover.

I thought the scent of the chocolate was pretty much what you might expect from a piece of dark chocolate. Certainly not an indication of things to come.

It sure is pretty, isn't it?

Please excuse my finger prints. They couldn't be helped.

The first bite was very smooth and tasted as you'd expect a good dark chocolate to taste. The Husband asked me, "Is it spicy?"

"No, not at all," I said, somewhat surprised. I hadn't expected the chili to be overpowering, but I hadn't expected it to be quite so mild either.

I tasted again. "The hint of spice is interesting."

Another taste. "It seems to become more prominent the more I eat."

(The Husband has started ignoring me at this point.)

Fourth bite. "Wow, it's getting stronger," I say. To myself.

I took my time on the last bite. I really wanted to understand this chocolate.

"Yes, it's spicy," I amend. It really is.

Five minutes later: "I think it's giving me heartburn."

Let's just say that while I'm glad I tried it, the rest of this chocolate will be going to work with me where someone is sure to take it off my hands.

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