Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cars. Those finicky little bastards.

I made my very last car payment a few days ago. Naturally, as soon as I hit "submit payment," the problems started. Suddenly that poor car was running a lot louder than normal and, horror of all horrors, I couldn't get above 60 without fearing the whole damn thing was going to break apart into a million tiny pieces. And, FYI, there's a whole other reason to fear for your life when you're doing 60 MPH on the 5 freeway and it's called OTHER DRIVERS. So, the car is in the shop and I'm waiting for them to call and let me know what they'd like to name my first born child and let me just say this: that little Toyota better enjoy this extra attention because, so help me, I am not putting another dime into it for at least... well, three months. Which is when I'll need my next oil change.

How's your car holding up these days?


  1. I just dropped $1k to fix the motor mount, whatever that is, that had been noisy for about a year. I still have 2 yrs left on it. Sigh.

  2. Little Miss Teeny Tiny is purring along. Sorry.
    But I love your new website.
    Do you sleep?

  3. My old lady car is doing I drive down the road you can hear her purr oleladyoleladyolelady. :)