Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens

I present to you a series of Facebook comments I posted to a friend's wall between 3 and 7 a.m. (which is when I read the last half of this book). (Yes, I am still suffering the consequences of staying up until 7 a.m. thankyouverymuch.)

"Okay, it's official. I hate her." (Her = Keira, the lead. And I really did. I've never disliked a lead character so much.)

"Fuck this book. HOW ARE THERE STILL 70 PAGES LEFT?!" (There was enough drama to make two books.)

"HATE. THIS. BITCH." (See? I really did hate her.)

"Oops. Didn't mean to shout that, but yeah. HATE!"

"I can't believe I chose this book. I detest it." (No, not really. But it sure did induce some very strong emotions. As you can probably tell.)

"No, I'm still not done. Fuck this book again. I finally stopped crying and now I'm starving. I'm gonna be awake to see the sun rise. FML." (There's nothing worse than staying up so late that you get hungry.) (Also, I don't care for the acronym "FML," but in this case, I felt it was appropriate.)

"Did I mention this bitch needs to be punched in the face. She stands around for half the book like a fucking mute!" (There was one scene in particular where her silence made me want to do serious bodily harm. It was awful. I cried.)

"The cursing is out of hand, I know... But if ever a book deserved a few F words, it's THIS ONE."

"And now I'm dead. Good freaking night." (Obviously Goodreads needs to add a 6th star. One that means "my head just exploded.")

If I were to rate the book based on how thoroughly it engaged my emotions, 5 stars easy. If I were to rate it based on how I felt about Keira, 1 star. On how it has kept my attention even after I've finished reading? 5 stars.

Yesterday, I found a fan made trailer for the book. Watching it, even after having FINISHED READING, got me almost... giddy. So maybe I loved it.

Or I hated it.

I'm still not sure.


  1. ChristineMay 31, 2012

    Ummm... Should I read it? Because you have me seriously confused.

  2. [...] There couldn’t possibly have been a better one to read after the neurotic shit-storm that was Thoughtless. (Yes, I’m still talking about it.) I am hoping with every fiber of my being that Ms. Webber [...]

  3. You crack me up. Your entire site changes every time I check it out.
    Thoughtless sounds like something that'd make my teeth itch.

  4. I love this review! I thought I wrote it myself for a second. Lol I just finished thoughtless 2 nights ago. Trying to think of how to explain my thoughts on this book to a friend I went with comparing it at times to a train wreck. It's gut wrenching and painful but you can't look away until you find out what happens. I see "easy" is your next review, I read that last week.

  5. Sammi SwizzOctober 02, 2012

    Read book two of this series...