Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beautiful Disaster. Of a book cover.

I admit it. I read Fifty Shades of Grey recently. (Who hasn't?) And I was totally sucked in. But, after book two, I decided that the only thing I actually liked about it was the sexy dominant who wasn't really a dominant at all, but a guy who liked to beat the shit out of women that looked like his crack whore of a mother. Yes, really.

I never made it to the third book and wish I'd refrained from the second. (The only reason I even read it in the first place was because it had originated as Twilight fan fiction. Can you really blame me for being intrigued?) And because I don't learn from my mistakes, I then read Bared to You. Because it was supposed to be a "better written" Fifty Shades.

What this means is that everyone is copying everyone else and I just want to reread Twilight. But clearly there's something about these books that entertains me because here I am reading another book found on the "hot men with control issues and obsessive compulsive disorders" list. (No, not really.)

Except, for me, books are like food. I eat with my eyes first and book covers are important. This one (of the book I'm about to start) was all dark and angsty and I totally dug it.

Beautiful Disaster

And then I saw an alternative:

Beautiful Disaster

And I was all grossed out because at first glance it looks like a really filthy tongue. But then, horror of all horrors, I noticed that the J in the authors name is cut off and now I'm just not sure I can read this book after all.


  1. You can always make me laugh. I'm creeped out by the tongue and then you mention the "J" being cut off and my OCD kicks in. Really?!?! How could they not notice that!?!? It is all I see now. :)

  2. Sammi SwizzOctober 02, 2012

    This book is AWESOME! I didn't care so much for Bared to You but the sequel is coming out this month. However, Beautiful Disaster is not getting a sequel but a second book in Travis' point of view which I would LOVE to read. I read this book twice back to back. Not sure how I feel about the last third of the book but the first two thirds I adored.