Thursday, May 12, 2011

The games we play.

She wanders into my room, stands there, looks at me with those "I'm so innocent" brown eyes of hers. I greet her with a "Hi, pup!" as if she'll talk back. She looks to the right, spots my shoes. She looks back at me. We both know what she's planning. She inches closer... closer still. "Friday," I say in that low warning voice that does absolutely nothing. "Don't even think about it, pup." She looks at me once more. Those eyes... pure love and devotion. It only takes her a split second to snatch my shoe between her teeth and scamper away. I sigh. Chasing is futile. Damn dog is quick. And "drop it!" apparently means "run faster!" Later I'll find a small pile (my shoes, socks, and whatever else she managed to grab) in another room. The shoes with laces untied, but otherwise undamaged. (She cries while chewing on her squeaky toys.) I bring everything back. And we play again.


  1. This is great...wonderful capture! And I love the story behind it too.

  2. Dogs bring out a better you.
    Kinda like Kosta.

  3. Stephanie, check this out- I just finished listening to a book on CD that was flipping amazing.
    And it was a love story. Go figure? Me?
    I finished listening to it today and spent the rest of the day listening to silence-not wanting to break the spell.
    Did I cry manly tears? Nah, c'mon. But I glistened.
    It's called The Gargoyle and I'm gonna give it to every frustrated woman I know so that they can weep and hope for eternal love.
    It's that good.
    I'm even gonna give it to Miss Carol- but just 'cause she likes crying- she's already got the eternal love thing all wrapped up.
    E-mail me and I'll amazon a copy to you if you want.

  4. OMG. I didn't know you had started a new blog until today when I was approving comments to my blog, and I saw you had linked here. I am so glad to see you back on here. :o) Missed reading your posts!

  5. Thanks!
    I haven't started a new blog,
    I'm still the same old oceandoggy you've come to know and love, but hey, I'm glad SOMEBODY is reading my posts.

  6. Stephanie HarshMay 15, 2011

    Stephanie: Thank you! I've kept the new place pretty tightly under wraps, but I'm slowly getting back out there.

    rory: (sigh) What am I going to do with you?

  7. rory: Talking to multiple Stephanies' is dizzying
    stephanie: (sigh) What IS the MATTER with you?

  8. Awww, she is so cute! What a great personality she has, too!