Thursday, March 3, 2011

Easter candy and stuff.

First, I would like a different table. This table just... doesn't. Not for photographs, anyway.

Second, I've realized that when it comes to food photography, I prefer natural light and for my subject to be backlit. So, yeah, I pretty much wish I could go back and re-photograph everything I've ever baked and blogged about.

Third, I feel like an ass using words like "photography" and "subject."

Fourth, I think Easter has the best holiday candy.

Last, I am not a fan of the color orange.

Now, what do you think? Should I have gone with the photo I chose (above)... or should I have chosen this closer-upper photo?

I hate making decisions.


  1. MichelleSGMarch 03, 2011

    I like the first one but really, 6 one half dozen the other. The reason you don't like the table is that you macro is good enough to make the fact that it's a wood veneer and not a real wood very obvious. Try using a table cloth/place setting/piece of fabric. Cheap easy fix and you can have a lot of variety. Easter candy, yeah, PEEPS. I can't eat the things but some scientists made a really cool website where they did a bunch of experiments on them. Terribly funny! My dad can eat them but he's got the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I've ever known. He can eat a full sized Cadbury creme egg too. SWEET much?

  2. I like the first photograph better. I'm not so fond of the table either. I'm an M&M Junkie so I get my fix anytime of the year. My mom use to work with this woman that made these incredible chocolate eggs, about the size of a softball...with kind of an almond joy type filling in them and frosting decorations on top. They. were. to. die. for! She would get one every Easter for each of us when I was younger. Easter has never been the same without those eggs.

  3. The Hat ChickMarch 03, 2011

    I like the first picture better. Not sure why. Maybe because it tells me these yummies are Reeses. Could be because I love Reeses.Easter candy is the best. Pastel colors, renewed hope of Spring, warm all goes together.Yeah, I don't like orange either.