Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Looking on the bright side.

1. On Friday, I rear-ended a little red Ford Focus on the 5 freeway. Several pieces of my poor, brave Toyota have shifted so that I can't open my driver's side door. It's going to cost me a pretty penny getting not just my repairs done, but hers as well. But things could have been worse.

The damages to her car were minor.

If anything, she gained some brown paint.

Neither of us were injured.

She was super sweet.

She hardly laughed at all when she realized my door was stuck shut.

I have good insurance.

And I didn't even cry!

(I really wanted to cry.)

2. On Saturday, I drank too much. (A word of advice: do not play drinking games with two guys who each have 100+ pounds on you. They will win.) Then I had a breakdown and sobbed all over The Husband while we were fooling around. (Yes, we were fooling around. Let's move on.) I had been afraid this might happen and was terribly embarrassed. But things could have been worse.

We could have had a terrible time with our friends.

The burgers we enjoyed could have been made with bad meat.

And we all could have suffered food poisoning.

There could have been a black-out.

And we'd have been unable to watch the fights.

I could have puked on him.

In hindsight, crying doesn't seem so bad.

3. On Sunday, while riding bikes with friends and enjoying the madness that is the Fourth of July in downtown Newport and Huntington Beach, I fell. Like, my feet got tangled in the peddles and I took a tumble into the dirt. In front of everyone. And, as blood oozed from my knee down to my toes and all over my ruined pedicure, I had to get back up and ride home. But things could have been worse.

At least I got back up!

I landed in the dirt, not on the concrete.


I scraped my knee and three of my toes and have cuts and bruises all over both legs, but my head is fine!

(I think.)

4. On Monday morning, sometime between two a.m. and three a.m. while we RODE OUR BIKES BACK HOME, sometime after stopping at 7-Eleven for much needed water, I lost my debit card. And if you've ever lost your debit card, you know what a huge pain in the ass this is. I had to bum ten bucks off my dad tonight to buy gummy bears and pain relieving antiseptic spray. But things could have been worse!

My dad could have said no.

And going without gummy bears would have been devastating.

Someone could have used the card to buy themselves, well, not much of anything.

'Cause I'm broke.

I could have not lost it.

And spent even more money.

And been even more broke.

5. Today I had to attend a service training class, one we're required to attend every year. (Somehow, I've managed to go without for several.) I... how shall I put it? ...detest these classes with every fiber of my being. You are forced to role play. ROLE PLAY. Hello! I hate having any kind of attention. HATE IT. I was sore all over, miserable over my knee and my car, and thought I might be coming down with a cold on top of everything else. I almost called in sick to the class. And then it occurred to me that if I didn't just go and get it over with, I'd regret it. So, I went. I role played. It was not that bad awful. But things could have been worse.

There could have not been coffee.

Or bagels.

Or grilled chicken and provolone sandwiches.

Or, later, root beer floats.

Oh, and Peanut Butter M&Ms.


Other than the food, it pretty much sucked.

Okay, peeps, it's your turn. ('Cause, let's face it, I've bitched and moaned enough for several upon hundreds of posts.) Your assignment: name one unpleasant thing you've had to deal with recently. Then tell me the bright side.

(P.S. Do you hate it when people say, "look on the bright side?" I do.)


  1. I got to the part about role playing and had to tamp down the urge to run. I hate role playing with an absolute passion.Hmmmm, unpleasant thing dealing with. Well, the whole selling our house it a terrible housing market pretty much sucks the joy out of life. But the up side is that I have been cleaning out all the junk I have. And there is more clean out to come as I have decided that I haven't missed many of the things that have been stored in the basement for the past 6 months so I am thinking that we just don't need them in our lives.

  2. well, I have postpartum/motherwithALS depression and have had to up my meds... but on the bright side, Welbutrin has a side effect of losing weight.

  3. the DJ i had the hots for last week has disappeared with nary a word but this week's flavor is from Argentina and he's muy caliente.

  4. I spent the weekend with my sisters, who were quite vocal in their opinion that I should NOT move to Lincoln (in 4 weeks) because of the latest developments with Himself. Apparently they believe I am a spineless, desperate eejit who is unable to resist Himself's magical charms. It was un.plea.sant. - Happy Flippin' Independence Day!On the bright side, we argued because they love me and they are concerned about me and I appreciate their honesty. And also, I got lots of hugs and smooches from my nieces and nephew.(OK, maybe I am an eejit. But it's my life to screw up. And thanks for this opportunity to vent/share because my sisters read my blog so I won't be writing about this there.)

  5. Theresa GJuly 08, 2010

    if you haven't heard it yet, Monty Python's Life of Brian has a song called Always look on the bright side of life. One line goes: life's a pice of shit when you look at it always look on the bright side of life

  6. This morning I had to deal with a multi-stage, multi-level Buddha melt-down because I asked her to do such horrifying tasks like go to the bathroom and eat breakfast. And then she hit me. Repeatedly. And then I had to pin her down in the time-out chair while she screamed until she finally managed to apologize.On the bright side, she gave me a big hug and kiss as I was headed out to work. (I'm actually finding this recounting to be depressing because it can't compete with Lan's story. Lan? Can we switch lives for a week?)

  7. Well I haven't bitched on my blog about this because, well I blog at home and blogging from an iPad is freakish hell (touch pad keyboard is not good for word processing) but in our attempt to thwart Idiocracy (the movie, get it?) we're trying for a second child. I'm old, it's not working too well. So now I'm on Clomid. You ever heard of it? It's hormones specifically made to tell your body to push out TONS of eggs when you ovulate. You know those hormones you deal with every month? Amplify them. That's what it's like. I'm even getting food cravings like a woman in her second trimester. Like my ass needs the help?! Oh and since after 3 months of this I'm still not pregnant we'll be doubling the dose for the next 3 months. Sound like fun? Yupperskeedoodles! And there's really no guarantee, at the end of 6 months (the max you can take it for) if you aren't preggers then you're SOL. All this fun for a maybe chance. Self inflicted! Yeah the husband loves me right now....

  8. Ack! Just the thought of role playing makes me feel sick!Let's see, yesterday I let my 12 year old son stay home from camp. They were going to a Grand Prix go-kart race track. The parents and the kids had to sign waivers which advised them that dismemberment, paralysis and death could occur and the next of kin could not sue. My son was not thrilled with the prospect of terror camp, so I let him stay home. My husband wanted our son to go and now he is majorly peeved. As of this morning he's still giving me the silent treatment and nasty looks. Sigh. The positive side - no death and dismemberment happened in our family yesterday!

  9. Well I'm currently reading this with one foot all bandaged and hiked up on the desk beside me because two days ago I was getting out of the car and fell and sprained my foot and ankle because I am a complete and total klutz. And now said foot no longer feels it necessary to support my weight, which makes walking slightly impossible. Unfortunately, there's not really much you can do for a sprain other than ice it and keep it elevated and try to dull the pain while you wait for traitorous foot to (literally) start pulling its weight again. But the good news?* Nothing broke, so no hobbling around for 6 weeks in a walking boot (the height of fashion)* The pain pills that the doctor gave me, while not exactly on the level of singing pink elephants, are enough to make me be all, "Foot? What foot?"* I had just had a fresh pedi so at least my toenails were looking their best for the radiologist. Plus being stuck in a chair all day has allowed me to catch up on my blog reading, so there's that too.

  10. Depending on how you look at it, this could be the bright side part, but for me- it's definitely not. Holland has made the finals in World Cup so the noise and partying in the streets has been *overwhelmingly* loud and annoying this week. Like, we aren't getting to sleep until 3am loud.The BRIGHT side is that we are leaving for vacation on saturday and will miss the final game- so if Holland wins, we will miss the super-insane-crazy partying!;)

  11. My unemployed butt hasn't got enough money this month to afford an SF-city bus pass, which my primary means of transportation. July and August are usually the coldest, windiest times of year in SF (really; "summer" hasn't happened to me in 5 years running now). I suppose the bright side is that it looks like I'll be getting quite a workout on foot and cycle.

  12. HonduranBakerJuly 11, 2010

    OMG ya i do. My boyfriend always tells me to "be positive"... then I respond by rolling my eyes and telling him to fuck off. hahaha. But really I know I should be more positive about stuff. I love that you have been.My example happened to me yesterday. I'm taking a hybrid college course along with a couple of normal ones. The teacher of the hybrid class is a hard-ass so there is a ton of work. Well I had a bunch of stuff due last night at midnight. Since I decided to wait until the last minute by getting drunk on Friday night instead of doing school work, I was prepared to buckle down and spend my entire Saturday on it. Well...I wake up and there is no internet. DAMN COMCAST!!! When I called they said there was an outage in my area and were currently working on it... i flipped out. Told my boyfriend my life was over and that I was quitting school (I may or may not tend to over react). The bright side is that the internet came back 4 hours later and I finished everything I had to do by 11:35pm. wooo!! Also because of the outage I got to catch up on some of my shows i haven't watched on my dvr.-L