Monday, November 23, 2009

Miscellaneous. Part II.

We are (almost) completely moved in. Except for a few pieces left temporarily behind, everything has been pushed, carried, or wheeled to our new apartment.

We are eating, breathing, and pooping cardboard. It's not pleasant.

I am overwhelmed. First, there's the unpacking process and the constant losing of one's things. You can hear us shouting "I just saw it a second ago!" repeatedly throughout the day as we continually lose various items. Or they sprout legs and run away. Whatever.

Second, the holidays. They're upon us. When did that happen? We leave for Utah on Wednesday. Which means November will be the month in which I post the least. It can't be helped.

I saw New Moon on Friday. That's it. It's done. Over. And I'm already forgetting what I saw so I'm becoming a bit desperate to see it a second time. But TWELVE BUCKS A TICKET.

From our experience, I remember the following:

One. We were the first in line.
Two. People stare at you when you're the first in line.
Three. We got perfect seats.
Four. Naturally, the only five-year-old in the theater sat right next to me.
Five. I wanted to see every movie that was previewed. Seriously.
Six. I especially wanted to see Remember Me.
Seven. Robert Pattinson is growing on me.
Eight. I was pleasantly surprised by Kristen Stewart's performance.
Nine. Taylor Lautner is too short to play Jacob. I'm sorry.
Ten. If Taylor Lautner were 10 inches taller and 10 years older, WATCH OUT.
Eleven. There was only one really cheesy moment, for which I am grateful.
Twelve. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart look really good kissing each other.
Thirteen. The wolf pack? HOT.
Fourteen. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I called off from work today. I didn't want to. Honest. But when I woke up this morning, groggy, disoriented and hot (damn fleece pajamas), I lay there thinking about how much I hated having to work the last several days while simultaneously moving, trying to unpack, trying to get prepared for our trip in TWO DAYS and damn it if I'm not growing bushes above my eyes because who knows when I last had my eyebrows waxed and suddenly the phone was in my hand and it was done.

Which means I actually have to be productive today.

Which means I have to get off the internet now.

(I miss you.)


  1. Again, feel your pain. We have a stack of collapsed cardboard boxes in the garage waiting to be carried up to the attic. I thought we had already taken all the boxes up, but yes, there are more. We finished unpacking a week ago, so i have no idea where the boxes came from. Are they magic? Did they sneak downstairs during the night to play tricks on us? Oh, and for more excitement, our oven broke over the weekend. Repairman cannot make it until tomorrow afternoon. My mom arrives from out of state day after tomorrow. Many layers of food and family stuff planned for the remainder of the week. No guarantee on the oven. Great! Hope y'all have an AWESOME Thanksgiving. And congrats on your new apartment. -Diane

  2. WOW! $12 for a movie ticket....I knew it had been awhile since I have been to the movies....but jeez, prices have really gone up! Was the movie everything you hoped for?? My sister said it was nice to see a sequel that was better than the first.Have a safe trip.....and a nice Thanksgiving!

  3. aaawww. I was wondering how the moving was going. Glad to hear you're still alive and haven't been eaten by carboard boxes. I actually am not into all this new moon stuff. please don't hate me. And as for your eye brows... I actually laughed out loud here in the lobby. (these crabby looking visitors probably think i'm crazy) I was just telling my friend that it looks like my eyebrows and eyelashes may connect sometime soon due to my lack of getting them waxed.Well I hope you actually get stuff done today on you day off and I'll leave you with some advice my mom gave me last year on thanksgiving for gods sake have some turkey with ur pie and cookies and yummy desserts!!-L

  4. I laughed about "pooping cardboard." I don't know how we're going to leave for Utah tomorrow. Do we suddenly just drop everything and get in the car and go? I don't know how I am going to finish working, pack, and get your car and leave. Can't T come here??

  5. You skipped work! That's awful... awfully good. Sorry, I'm lame but I have eaten too much so my brain is dead. My sister is going to see 'new moon' tomorrow. I hope she has as much fun as you had but without the 5 year old :)Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I am so with you on the Taylor thing. Of course in my case it would have to be 10 inches taller and 20 years older but only if I admit I'm just that old. I don't know if Robert will ever grow on me, I'm just a Jacob kinda gal I suppose. I still haven't seen the movie because I refuse to go opening week. My husband really wants to see it too (no he didn't read the books) so I have to wait until we can go together. It's cheaper to go to the movies out here, like $5 for a matinee, $8 for an evening. Seriously, we've been known to see a movie 4 times in the theater just because the price blows us away compared to CA.Have a fun holiday!