Monday, November 2, 2009

Confession: I spent six bucks on a candy bar.

That's right. Six dollars. I mean, it's not like I've never spent six dollars on chocolate before. Trust me. I have. Many, many times. But never on one three-ounce bar. I am officially insane and The Husband is this close to putting me on a strict allowance. (Which might not be that bad an idea.)

Here's what happened. I very innocently sat down to my computer one morning. With a smile, I began reading a comment left by a lady named Karen. I don't know Karen, have never heard from her before, but it seems she stumbled across my blog over at WordPress. (Remember when I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress and back again all within a month? Wasn't that fun? We should so do that again someday.) (Or not.)

Karen had some lovely things to say. Of course, it was all a cover used to prevent me from realizing she was really a monster sent to destroy me. It should have clicked immediately after she wrote: "If you have not tried the Dark Chocolate/Sea Salt candy bars at Cost Plus/World Market, get your A** there immediately! They are to die for..."

This is a problem because something inexplicable comes over me as soon as someone I've never met suggests something I've never tried. That's it. I have to have it. Now. And if it's chocolate? You better hope you're not standing in the way.

Within a half hour, I was on my way. To a store, I might add, I've never been to before. One I immediately fell in love with. And let me just say it's amazing I managed to walk out without spending more than eight dollars! How have I lived without having shopped here before?!

I found the recommended chocolate easily enough.

Seriously yum. I loved it. Thanks, Karen! (If you're still out there.)

Of course, right next to it were all of these assorted exotic (it said so right on the package) chocolate bars I had never seen or heard of before. Including:

Seven-fifty online, but only six bucks at the store. Steal.

But, seriously, what possesses me to buy things like this?!

I think it stems from leftover frustration and regret that I never got my chance to experience the chocolate-covered bacon at the fair this past Summer. Man, I really wanted to try it. But, honestly, the bacon on the cover doesn't even look appetizing.

But I had to have it. And then I had to endure The Wrath. ("You spent HOW MUCH on CHOCOLATE?!")

And, sadly, it wasn't even worth it. Or it's quite possible that my expectations were so high (SIX DOLLARS!) that I was doomed to be disappointed. J loved it and ate most of the damn thing by herself.

Me? I'll take the Sea Salt Dark Chocolate any day of the week. Bacon? I'll see you at breakfast, buddy.

Also, I found this:

Except, after the chocolate, I couldn't justify the cost. And I mistakenly assumed I'd be able to find a recipe. I couldn't.

So, for you I have three questions.

One, what's the strangest chocolate concoction you've ever tried?
Two, have you ever spent a regrettable amount of money on candy?
Three, do you have any idea how to make Pumpkin Bark???


  1. I happened to be in the Godiva store yesterday and the sample of the day was Pumpkin Pie Truffles--yum! However they got the pumpkin flavor into those would be the same for the bark you're looking to re-create.

  2. One, what's the strangest chocolate concoction you've ever tried?spicy pepper chocolate- delishTwo, have you ever spent a regrettable amount of money on candy?yes but not quite regrettable in my mind :)Three, do you have any idea how to make Pumpkin Bark??? No!Unfortunately (or fortunately) I live in the land of Amazing Chocolate. Even the cheap stuff at the grocery store is amazing. Not good for my habit.

  3. I don't think I have ventured down the strange concoction avenue as far as chocolate goes. Some things would just spoil the taste so I stay away so as not to disturb my taste buds. :)I sometimes buy the Ghirardelli dark cocao with orange which is kind of pricey in my book for candy...not $6 pricey, but still high for me. But oh so delicious. Maybe you make pumpkin bark like peppermint bark candy...use pumpking flavoring. I saw some available on Amazon, or at this link: Let us know if you make some and how it comes out!

  4. My boring answers are: I've never had any strange chocolate concoction and I've never spent any big bucks on candy. But I did find this recipe for pumpkin bark: and this discussion of ideas on how to make it: (scroll through the replies to see different people's ideas.) Good luck!

  5. mmm chocolate! I love me some dark chocolate. The strangest chocolate concoction I've ever tried was when I was about 8, my friend and I made ovaltine and fluff sandwiches. yuck.Here are a couple links I found for the bark:

  6.'s a pumpkin fudge recipe there that sounds really good. You should make some and bring it to me. :)

  7. Aight you have to understand that the hubby and I go to World Market randomly just to buy candy. Seriously, minimum $20 a shot. And we say those chocolates there last time we went. I didn't get them because they were so friggin expensive! I'll rectify the situation though and go there asap and get one. Seriously.

  8. Hmmmm. I would have to say that the strangest chocolate concoction I have ever tried were chocolate covered grasshoppers. Because that is the only way that I am EVER going to eat grasshoppers.I spend way too much on chocolate every October in the silly thought that we might have a ton of trick or treaters. I just make sure that the candy that I buy is stuff we like to eat.I haven't ever even heard of Pumpkin Bark until now so I am no help on this.

  9. You make me laugh even when I don't want to laugh. I have never had any strange chocolate concoction but I have spent a lot of money on candy. And when I came home (with my big bag of candy) I found out that I had bought chocolate mint bars. YUCK! Mint is evil. Pumpkin Bark????????? :)

  10. 1. Chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. I know, so boring.2. No, but I've spent a regretable amount of time eating free samples at the fancy chocolate shop in town3. No, but I guarrantee, I would know how to eat it.Okay, meanwhile I am SO behind on your posts. Can I say - I love the cat shot below almost as much as the cat resting his chin on your desk. You are the most genius feline photographer there ever was/will be.