Thursday, September 10, 2009

Because you people don't know nearly enough about me.

I am frustrated that I’m having to rely on a meme for blog content. (Not that there's anything wrong with a good meme, but...)

I think I’ve been eating too much candy as of late. Sadly, this, too, does not provide blog content.

I have a serious problem watching too much television lately. First True Blood, then Weeds, now Dead Like Me… and next? Six Feet Under.

I wish I was more extroverted.

I hate the telephone. Except for text messages.

I miss Edward.

I fear that I'll finally decide to hold a blog contest and no one will participate.

I hear people talking all around me as they answer phones and the same questions we hear all. Day. Long.

I smell what the Rock is cooking.

I crave potatoes. It’s a problem. I mean, it’s better than candy, but still… every night, more potatoes. I dice ‘em up and sauté ‘em in a little oil and garlic salt until they’re crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Effing yumm.

I search for blog contest ideas, but can’t come up with anything that anyone hasn’t already done before.

I wonder if my pants will ever feel loose again.

I regret eating so much candy.

I love candy.

I ache after eating too many hot tamales.

I am not very creative or I’d come up with a better answer.

I believe in moderation. I swear. Just... not lately.

I dance if a gun is held to my head.

I sing very loudly, and very poorly, along with the radio while I’m alone in my car.

I cry when I’m angry. And during sad commercials. And sometimes when I don’t get my way. And, recently, during My Sister’s Keeper ‘cause, holy crap, that was a sad movie.

I fight the temptation to read Twilight again.

I win what? Was there a contest?

I lose my mind when I have to explain something more than twice.

I never lose my temper. (Hahahahaha. Haha. Ha.)

I always triple check the locks before I go to bed.

I confuse easily.

I listen to the TV. Constantly. It’s on in the background while I’m cooking, cleaning, on the internet. At all times except while I’m reading. Sometimes I’ll turn it off and think how nice and then wonder why I leave it on all the time.

I can usually be found at home. It’s where I’m happiest. At home reading, watching TV, baking, whatever. If it was an option, I’d never leave home.

I am scared of all insects. And mass murderers. And roller-coasters that take you upside down. And that I might still not know what I want out of life when I turn thirty.

I need solitude. And a lot of it. And yet, being around people keeps my energy up. I don’t get it.

I am happy about the upcoming fall season. Both the actual season and the television season.

I imagine what I’d do if I won the lottery. I never actually play.

I tag everyone. That's right.


  1. I love your answers on this! We are very alike in many ways. I might try this, because it looks fun, and yeah, I have nothing to blog about these days. And, if you have a giveaway, I would enter!

  2. I am at work. very bored.I think i need a massage because my back really hurts I have run out of things to look up on the internetI wish i was rich so that my whole life could be a vacation and i wouldnt have to deal with these stupid people.I hate the people who work here and ask me the dumbest questions.I miss being thin.I fear I will never be thin again.I hear people walking through the lobby with their dumb rolling briefcases.I smell the burnt coffe someone made.I crave fast food all the time. Then I feel so sick after I eat my huge meal. Then the next day I want it again.I search the internet for blogs about baking and photography. I wonder when you will take some more awesome pictures of some yummy baked stuff. (but i understand that you're just not in the mood lately)I regret skipping lunch for a huge bowl of the trifle I made for someones birthday. I love laying on the couch watching so you think you can dance and lifetime movies that make me cry.I ache after I exercise. So then I stop. Is anyone else loving Zumba? I am not doing actual work at work. I believe "that children are our future" crap now that songs stuck in my headI dance to music while im driving. I'm an awesome dancer when im sitting. I sing to the oldies in the car and act like im on stage with the facial expressions and everyone.I cry alot. about everything. My boyfriend has alot of patience.I fight with these stupid employees in my head while they are talking to me.I win nothing. ever. I have NEVER won anything in my life. I wont even let people do scratch ticketsI lose everything. all of the timeI never am on time. People actually tell me the wrong time so that i'm actually on time.I always trip on nothing then look back like there was something there that tripped me.I confuse myself sometimesI listen to oldies at age 25.I can usually be found sitting in the lobby doing nothing.I am scared of scarey movies and even the commercials for scarey movies.I need to start going to weight watchers. I am happy when i'm free to act like a dork.I imagine what it will be like when i actually get my degree. Im sorry I was so bored...-L

  3. I need something, anything to center me.I love being home in my Me Only Room, except when,I love being out with old friends, or Miss Carol.I love Cutter and Tug and Miss Carol, most of the timeI know I'm lucky but I worry it ain't gonna last.

  4. Stephanie, I had to pop back here to ask you if you watched Vampire Diaries tonight. My daughter and I watched it. If so, what'd you think?

  5. Gayle, I hope you do the meme. I'm always interested in seeing people's answers. I haven't watched Vampire Diaries YET. Actually, the show just started 45 minutes ago (my time) and it's recording on my DVR as we speak. I was going to wait to watch it tomorrow, but I might not be able to contain my curiosity.

    L, I love that you did the meme in my comments! You're awesome (and apparently very bored at work). By the way, I need to start going BACK to Weight Watchers. Have you attended meetings before? I was successful once upon a time, but I'm afraid that in my baking obsession, I... well... lost track a little. And the candy certainly doesn't help.

    Rory, ahh, I know what you mean about needing to feel centered. Especially lately. I'm sure there's a blog post just waiting to be written about it, but the energy it would require might be a bit much right now. And... I think you just need to enjoy feeling lucky. Don't dwell on it or think it to death... just kick back with a beer and enjoy.

  6. I love reading your blog. And today, I love your cat.

  7. I hate the telephone too! "I dance if a gun is held to my head."Hahahaaa... come on, dance for us :)"I need solitude" AMEN! Most people can't be alone and always need other people around them. Not me!And trust me, everybody likes blog contests.

  8. I can relate to the rapidly-increasing poor diet choices. I keep making excuses, (I'll start dieting after I go away this weekend, after that special occasion dinner, after my fall trip to Europe, after the Holidays...) will I ever stop???I was reading your comments and responses. Have you actually tried weight watchers? I'm considering it...I miss Edward too!!

  9. -->I eat two reese cups for breakfast. I love candy too. It's okay, it just makes us

  10. Deanna, I started WW at the end of 2006 and reached my goal weight in the beginning of 2008. I lost about 60 pounds. Personally... it's the only way to go and I can't recommend it highly enough. I've been fairly successful of maintaining my goal weight. Well... lately, it's been a little harder, what with my inability to say no to candy. Sigh.

  11. Excellent. I love a meme almost as much as I love being tagged. I'm gonna pretend that by "everyone" you meant "Violet."This is a hard one, though, so don't look for it anytime soon!

  12. I like this post! I may do this one day when I'm having blogger's block!