Monday, August 17, 2009

The job. An update.

I used to work in an office alone. Well, technically, I shared the office with two other people, but they were rarely there.

Now I work surrounded by people in an open square-shaped room like this:

Except the walls aren't all curvy. Although that would be totally awesome.

There are "stations" lining the walls, like this:

And by "stations," I mean cubicles. Except not quite so Office Space. (Please imagine that there are desks and chairs and computers and phones at each "station." It took me so long to draw those tiny arrows, there was no way I was going to attempt the rest.) (I am artistically retarded.)

I sit at "station" 9. It's right by the door. So, naturally, I'm the first person people see when they come looking for help. And by "looking for help" I mean looking for someone to irritate with stupid questions. And, yes, there are such things. Trust me.

Actually, I have to be honest. It's been a surprise to find that working around people helps keep my energy up.

This used to be me:

Now, at least I'm sitting up.

But... my desk is nowhere near that big. Certainly not big enough for me to sprawl across. Pity.

Actually these are horrible drawings. If I was smart, I'd hit "cancel" on this post immediately.

Except that Blogger has no cancel button. Gotcha!

(I'm sorry. But this is what six a.m. shifts do to me.)

It's been a long time since I felt overwhelmingly busy. And before you tell me it only seems that way because I'm still learning, let me correct you. I've done this job before. At least, most of it.

They recently took two positions and combined them into one. So while I'm learning some new things, most of it is familiar. So familiar that I was scheduled by myself on Sunday. I knew going in that the checklist was too much for one person. And I was right. That was a hellish day. I haven't left work on time once since I started. (To clarify, I work in a department of thirty, but there are three of us that do a specific job within said department.)

I have very conflicting feelings regarding this new job.

I enjoy the work and I'm realizing just how much I disliked what I did before.

But I hate being so busy that I can't successfully finish said work without putting in a fourteen-hour day.

I miss the freedom of being able to come and go as I please, of being able to check my e-mail, catch up on my favorite blogs...

But when I leave work now, despite being frustrated over leaving things undone, I feel like I've actually accomplished something.

I used to be a supervisor and swore I'd never do it again, but in this current semi-leadership role, I find myself enjoying it.

And my set schedule, period. Losing that was a tough pill to swallow.

God, my handwriting on this thing really sucks.

Now, I'd stay and chat except it's nine p.m. and I HAVE TO GO TO BED.


  1. :-) You made me laugh! And those drawings are really pretty... I am glad that you new job is not that bad.Greetings,T.H

  2. Hahaha... what a great post. I can see that you put much effort into those drawings, I like them. The tears dots are epic :) And I love your hairdo. Six hair strands, right? And thank God that you like your job!

  3. But your hair looks fabulous!:D

  4. LOL! When pictures are taken of me, I notice that one of my eyes is bigger than the other also.

  5. My rule of thumb: each new job will always suck for at least three months and it will be 6-9 months before you feel like you're on your game. This has always been the case for me.Sounds like you are finding some good already -- that makes you an overachiever in my book.

  6. I really needed this today. Thank you.I have the same mixed feelings about being so busy. In fact, when I do have days that are crammed full of deadlines and whatnot, I leave both invigorated and a little depressed that I now know exactly how much I can get done in one day. And, by extension, how little I actually do get done on an average day.*sigh*

  7. Stop working.Make cookies. Your smiles lookin' a little plastered on and what's left of your hair's a tad frazzled. Just sayin'.

  8. Oh, Stephanie, I love this post! I always love when people post their drawings and handwritten stuff! It's kind of like in the old days when I occasionally would get a handwritten letter.I hope that the good things of this new job outweigh the bad.

  9. -->I agree, having a job is better than the alternative. Your drawings were cute.

  10. Good for you! So glad you like where you are at now.

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