Thursday, May 21, 2009

I tried to turn each of these things into it’s own post, but.

I asked The Husband for something to write about, as I’m currently drawing blanks, and he suggested writing about how cranky I am when I wake up each morning. But by “cranky,” he really means sweet with a sunny disposition, so that’s out.

I thought briefly of telling you about a certain individual who works in our human resources department and how I walk away feeling like a reprimanded five-year-old every time I’m forced to talk to her. But then I’d have to get into details about my job and, well, my job is uber boring and no one wants to hear the deets. I’d lose you in ten-seconds flat. Probably five. So, I’ll just say there’s a woman in HR who causes me a lot of angst and I very much dislike her.

And then there’s this:

I was going to talk in lengthy detail about the fact that we’re exactly six months away from the premier of New Moon, but I really have nothing to say except WE’RE EXACTLY SIX MONTHS AWAY FROM THE PREMIER OF NEW MOON. The caps should successfully convey my excitement. Amen.

I’d love to share the two recipes I tried over the weekend, but all the images are still stored on my memory card where they’ll most likely remain until I can freaking shake this reading frenzy. I’m still Nora Roberts-obsessed and just started the second book of one of her many trilogies. Actually, it’s gotten so bad that I’ve started purchasing books from (gasp) a book store.

This makes me cringe as I am morally opposed to paying full price for books (at eight bucks a pop, they ain’t cheap), but have depleted my stock of unread Nora Roberts books. Normally, I’d spend hours happily browsing the used book stores at the libraries where I can walk away without having paid more than fifty cents, but I just happened to finish my last book at nine p.m. on Saturday. (Yes, I was at home reading on Saturday night. Leave me alone.)

In my impatience to get my hands on some new reading material, Borders was my only option. And what did I buy? A book one. Which means if I wanted to continue the trilogy, I had to go back and purchase book two. And sometime in the next day or two, I’ll have to purchase book three. Sigh. If it makes you feel any better, I have coupons.

(Don’t worry, this too shall pass.)

I'll leave you with this:

My sister, J.

You be the judge. Does it look like she's floating or like she's a giant?


  1. I end up buying way too many books because I must. read. series. in. order. and most libraries and used bookshops just don't have them all, or have them when I want them. Plus, I haven't been reading as voraciously as I used to and I figure I may actually be saving money by purchasing books instead of paying the monumental library fines I've incurred in the past. And besides, I like buying books better than I like using the library. And it's easier to toss a nice little paperback in my purse than a great big hardcover. (Gee, Vi, justification much??)The answer to your question? Yes.

  2. Floating. And yeah, full price. I hate full price. Only the first Twilight, all the others will be at Half Price books. The hubby chastised me already for buying the one. Picky picky.

  3. Floating! (Does it say something about me that my first thought was, wow, she's flexible?).I'm totally excited knowing that New Moon is coming in only 6 months!

  4. AnonymousMay 21, 2009

    Based on your obsession with Disneyland and going MANY times in just a matter of a FEW days, I am thinking you have easy access to Huntington Beach. :) I am going to share a secret with you about a book store that I LOVED when I used to live in Orange County. Ok, so it's not a secret exactly and lots of people go there but I love it so much and I feel like it was created just for me. :) There is a used book store on Beach and Garfield and they have EVERY Nora Roberts eveyrthing else you can imagine. Not 50 cents but sure as heck beats $8. Enjoy!~M~

  5. Violet, I am the same way. If I start a series, I have to read them in order and one immediately following the other. Despite this, I finished Vision in White about a week ago. The first in a series of four. The others aren't out yet. WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF?Michelle, I hate hate hate full price on anything, but especially books. Ugh. (Um, yes, I paid full price for every single Twilight book. Sigh.)Theresa, she is pretty flexible. And you should see her leg muscles! I got this idea of "floating" pictures on the dPS website. I took these shots several weeks ago, but after I uploaded them, I couldn't shake the idea that she looked more like a giant than a floater. But in a couple of the pictures, her leg muscled are crazy prominent. She made me swear I wouldn't post them, but I might have to anyway. (I don't know why she's so selfconscious about them. I'd kill for legs like that!)M, thank you! The Husband and I ride our bikes to HB almost every weekend, so I'll definitely check this out! (Now I have another reason to go, other than just the candy store.) (Oh, and spending quality time with my husband, of course.)

  6. I am a new visitor, and love your blog. Just wanted to thank you for the movie poster. Wow! I am excited too! Only six months left? I had no idea it was sneaking up on us!! Yay!Stephanie

  7. Wow! That is the coolest photo! Floating for sure. (Oh, and my first thought was about how flexible she is! Is she an athlete?)

  8. Best photo ever! Talk about perfect timing!

  9. Floating....I mean, she is floating, right? :)

  10. That's a wonderful picture. I first thought that she was standing on the ground, but that didn't make sense. Great way to use a trampoline. I would have broken my neck if I did something like that.

  11. I'm gonna say giant just to be different. You're site is very fun, keep it up!