Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm doing this for her... and I need your help.

So, you know my sister, J?

She's in Oregon this weekend for a soccer tournament. She's a soccer player. Have I mentioned that before?

The team flew up yesterday... and they don't get home 'til Monday. (Sob.)

I got a few homesick text messages from her just a little bit ago and an order to keep updating my blog since it gives her something to do during downtime.

And, even though I have plans to see a movie with The Husband tonight, I immediately wanted to cancel so I could stay home and write... just to entertain her.

But The Husband, who's been giving me the stink-eye and tapping his watch for the last half hour, won't let me do that. He will now be known as The Grump.

So, peeps? I need you. I need you bad.

I need you to comment your ever-loving hearts out and help me keep her thoughts occupied.

Stories, jokes... whatever you got, whatever's on your mind. We want to hear it. Have you ever played soccer? Ever been to Oregon? Even been a homesick teenager? Give us the deets.


  1. When I was 13 I went with my basketball team to a mountain retreat at the end of the season. I was worried sick about what my father might do to my mother and brother and sisters and I was horribly homesick.But ya know what? Everything worked out just fine, just like it does and I think back on that weekend and grin at the younger me.'Course there's nothin' wrong with missing home.Ya know?

  2. I feel her pain. I am like fine linen, I don't travel well. So I just don't travel. I wouldn't recommend it, it makes you a boring homebody. My husband went to San Jose once for a paintball tournament (we were living in San Diego at the time) and was supposed to be gone for 4 days. Emotionally he was ready to come home after night one. Lucky him his team sucked and they lost by day 2. And even more fortunate for him his wife took pity on him and put out the cash to fly his whiney ass back a day early. Grown men are wusses when it comes to leaving their homes.See now J don't you feel better now? I am nothing if not a long ass blather-er. Have a great trip!

  3. I grew up in Oregon and when I was away from home Oregon is where I wanted to run back to. I spent an entire summer away between Junior and Senior year and when I came home my little sister said I was never allowed to leave again. My mother usually confided everything in me and depended on me and since I wasn't there she was driving my little sister nuts. I didn't tell *her* but I'd had enough of being away myself. Just think how nice Monday will be (for both of you).

  4. Why are soccer players never asked to dinner?: Because they're always dribbling.Sorry, I know that was lame, but I don't have a soccer story. I used to avoid the ball like it had the plague, because the only thing I was going to do, was trip over it. Yeah, everybody fought to have me on their team. To make things worse: my best friend was of course a soccer god. Cristiano Ronaldo with boobs. She even scared the boys while playing.Girls rule (well... .. I sucked)This has nothing to do with anything. But J is beautiful. Good genes :)

  5. Try and enjoy yourself!I moved 4,000 miles away from home so I understand what it's like to be homesick. Stay busy is my best advice- hang out with your friends, eat ice cream,(that works for me ;)

  6. I get painfully homesick, too. As soon as I leave, I want to go back home. I want to be around my own things, sleep in my own bed... And if I'm traveling alone? God help us. J and I went to visit our older sister for her birthday two Januarys ago. We were supposed to stay two nights, but I couldn't hang. We wound up driving back at eight p.m. and driving the five hours to get home. At least we got to skip traffic. I don't know all the details of this tournament, but I do know if they win, they go to Sweden to play in another tournament there. So, I really really hope they do well... but holy shit, what will I do if she goes TO SWEDEN?!

  7. Stephanie and J, I know how homesick feels. When we go on vacation, we almost never stay as long as we plan to. I miss home too much, as do my two oldest kids. My youngest son wants to stay on vacation forever! J, I hope you have a good time and try to get enough sleep. It helps.Sweden? Yipes!

  8. Whenever I took trips as a teen, I was too busy with whatever the trip was for and with the others on the trip to get homesick. But then again, when I was a teen, I was very happy to get out of the house and away from my little brother, who at the time was (at least in my opinion) possessed by a hyperactive, hormonal demon.First time I got really homesick was in college. Best remedy for that is to do something. And it sounds like soccer will you busy.

  9. I may be a little late, but y'know, better late than...whatever.Never played soccer. Running? Sweating? No thank you. Never been to Oregon, although my mother lived there for 18 months when she was a kid. They moved from IL to OR and back to the same county in IL. I have no idea why, except that my grandfather had an "itchy foot." My mom lived in 22 houses by the time she was 18 - all but the one in OR were in the same county.I guess I never went far enough from home to be homesick as a teen. Or maybe I'm just so old that I don't remember.So that leaves a joke...Where do you find a dog with no legs?Right where you left him.That is my favorite joke EVER. I'm giggling right now, even though I've told it a million times and I can't see you rolling your eyes.