Monday, May 4, 2009

Coconut mini-muffins with lime glaze.

On Friday, I spent a large portion of my day browsing through some good ol' baker's pornography. I found myself craving lime. Lime anything.

On Saturday night, I tried to quench the craving by having a mojito. When that didn't work, I had another. Then I switched to margaritas. And then I proceeded to verbally vomit all over my husband outside a crowded bar which leads me to believe that unresolved anger + mass quantities of fear + alcohol = do not mix.

But I digress. Today, having the whole day off and to myself, I've been able to fulfill that unexplainable craving for lime by making three different recipes.

Except my spurt of ambition didn't last too long. Oh, I finished the recipes, of course, but towards the end, my motivation was waning and my desire to take even somewhat decent pictures gone. (You'll notice this more over the next couple of days as I share the others.)

The muffins were pretty good. The lime glaze? Amazing. This is what I should have been drinking in lieu of the alcohol. Things would have turned out much differently that evening. If only we knew then what we know now, eh? We could have saved ourselves a lot of embarrassment. (No, I'm not still drinking, thank you very much. This... this is sugar-induced.)

Although, had I drank the glaze, I'm not sure things would have turned out better... just different.

Where was I? Muffins. Right. Try these. They're good. Or, at least try the glaze. The recipe can be found here.

So, how did your weekend go?


  1. Well, there weren't any lime-glazed muffins in it, so how good could it have been?? I'm not crazy about coconut but I've been thinking about trying the lime glaze on sweet corn muffins...

  2. Those look scrumptious. I love food with coconut so I will have to partake in this recipe. No brown bottle flu for me, just the good ole fashion type. That was my Sunday anyway.

  3. Oy those look good. I love coconut, the hubby hates it so I'd have to eat them all myself. Bummer. You added alcohol to your mental state? I'm surprised you didn't end up on the nightly news. I don't drink specifically because letting my mental issues out on the world at large would be a bad bad thing and I'm relatively stable. Comparatively.

  4. Violet, you could easily leave the coconut out. (I think. I always say things like that and then they wind up totally inedible.) Or leave it in. I'm not a huge fan of coconut and I could barely taste it.DVM's Wife, I'm sorry you weren't feeling well! And over the weekend, too... that stinks.Michelle, I think I learned my lesson. With the alcohol, that is. I'm not a big drinker in general, but I think I'll be laying off the hard stuff for a while.

  5. I don't like coconut, but maybe some other kind of plain-ish muffin with the glaze?

  6. I just had to share these cookies the local bagel shop in my home town. I tried to find a recipe, but lost steam. But they are to die for - that good!