Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong state.

That's it. When I see this girl tomorrow I am so not taking her picture. She is much too photogenic and, well, cute. I just can't take it anymore.

On the one hand, I love the way these photos are turning out.

On the other hand? It's just not fair. I have about this much photogenic quality (squeezing thumb and forefinger together to imply that I, in fact, have none). It's like my face has an allergic reaction whenever a camera is pointed my way. I break out in ugly.

Anyway, I spent an hour downloading music tonight. It got me thinking about how our tastes change over the years. Or, at least, how mine do. Or did. From horrible Pop to Hip Hop to Country. Oh my.

I bought my first CD when I was thirteen and it remains one of my favorites today. It was Bone Thugs 'N' Harmony's E 1999 Eternal and it had explicit lyrics and my mom promptly took it away from me when she heard the word "nigger." Or maybe it was "motherfucker." Or both. Who knows.

She put the CD on top of the fridge where she apparently thought it'd be invisible to teenage eyes. I took it back the next day and happily went on listening to explicit lyrics for several years.

In fact, I papered the walls of my bedroom with so many black people that my dad used to say, "Steph, look in the mirror. You're white." He said this in the least racist way possible, I assure you.

Then I was sixteen and I fell in love with a boy. And the boy said I just had to hear this song. The song was Amazed by Lonestar. Within a month, my taste in music had completely changed. It was all country. All the time. And my parents still don't understand it.

Now? Hearing Richie McDonald's whiny voice sing that song is like listening to nails down a chalkboard. Seriously painful. But I still love country music.

My current favorites?

Now I need to know. What song could you listen to over and over and over again??


  1. I don't have a favorite anymore! I know what you mean about the nails on chalkboard thing. It's so funny when I will occasionally hear one of my past favorites on the radio or tv, and I'm like, "Ack, how could I have played that over and over again!" I was also like you in suddenly switching music styles. When I was a young teen I totally loved John Denver and wanted to marry him. Then I met an older teen boy on summer vacation that was a Led Zeppelin fan. Yep, John Denver was dropped like a hot potato and Led Zeppelin was my new favorite!

  2. "Chances Are" by Bob Seger and Martina McBride. It is NOT the same one that Johnny Mathis did (ugh). I love Bob's voice and I love singing Martina's part. The lyrics get me every. single. time. went through my country phase, Christian rock phase, Barry Manilow phase (yes, I was a Fanilow and I'm not ashamed to admit it), showtunes phase, New Wave I like a little bit of everything.

  3. ok, wait - the wrong state? Ummmm... huh???

  4. Anything live by Sammy Hagar.

  5. What is it about falling in love and turning to country music? I grew up listening to 80 pop hits and then turned to grunge during my teen years (Kurt is still a major heart throb!) and then walked into a grocery store and laid eyes upon a young cowboy and it was country there after! When we broke up I swore off country for years because it reminded me of him and went back to my rockin roots but I always come back to country now (minus the tears and weepies, I'm over that little country boy now, I can handle the country tunes)! I listen to mainly country, and TOBY KEITH is someone I could listen to all day and night *swoon*! Toby and Kenny are my boys!!

  6. Anything Sugarland right now too is on my repeat list!

  7. Geez I think it changes weekly. Right now it's The Fugees rendition of Killing me Softly. I don't know why, the song is what, decades old? And I've just decided it's my new fav. This week. As for the country I've never listened to it in my whole life but it was declared my most hated genre of music for my whole life due to the fact that no one cool in my home town (San Diego) would be caught dead listening to it. I have recently discovered that I LOVE country music. I can't listen to it with my hubby around though, he still sticks to his I'm too cool for country guns.

  8. Violet, I love cold weather and rain and snow. I love country music. I hate large crowds of people, traffic, shopping malls. I was so not supposed to be born in southern California.I've tried numerous times to get The Husband to move to Vermont. But he came from Minnesota and is not interested in those winters.