Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not really in the Christmas spirit, but I could sure go for some presents.

Yesterday, since I had the whole afternoon free (which may be the one and only perk of working at stupid six a.m.) I decided then was as good a time as any to clean out the ol' hard drive. It's something I do every couple of months and I usually come across a bunch of pictures I'd forgotten about. I get a little excited and fondle them for a minute in Photoshop. And I thought, these poor photos need to be shared.

I had a whole blog post planned around them.

Unfortunately, I took a lot of really boring photos in December and January. The only one I found worth sharing was this:

And, really? It's not even worth sharing. Except I really do love popcorn that much. And this specific popcorn came from Popcornopolis and if you have a location near you, you need to go immediately. Because, holy shit, this was the best popcorn ever.

Speaking of Christmas. (I know, we weren't. But the popcorn reminded me.) May I just say it passed much too quickly for me? It seems I was surrounded with people who couldn't wait for the holiday to be over, didn't want to deal with the stress and chaos (which I totally get). But I could have happily celebrated for another month or two. Of course, I feel that way every year. And it certainly doesn't help that the temperature here in southern California has been in the 80s for two weeks and it doesn't even feel like winter.

I know, some of you are drowning in snow (I've seen the pictures), and I should be grateful. Well, screw being grateful. I want some rain, damn it. I want some cold. I want to go home and curl up with a blanket. I want Mother Nature to get her shit together and Global Warming? Take a fucking vacation already.

The Husband and I thought about moving to Portland once, but he always said he'd go insane living somewhere that was overcast 90% of the time. He needs sunshine and warm weather. I'm his total opposite. I feel at my best, my most productive, my most creative, my most happiest, when it's cold and overcast. I need it to survive.

Last night, I was eating popcorn (I told you I had a problem) and The Husband looked over and asked, "Are you going to eat the whole bag?"

And then I killed him. I'm sure you ladies understand.


  1. Global warming? Hmmm, where? Can you tell me how that is possible here in Florida or Northern Michigan where we are having one our record cold and snowiest winters? I'll trade you for some of that warm weather!

  2. Okay, I'll trade some warm weather for a little snow. But just a little. Us Californians won't know what to do with it anyway.

  3. Totally understand...I ate an ENTIRE tin of caramel popcorn watching Alabama lose to Utah.

  4. I'm posting some icicle photos later. You can come over and imagine the cold! I'm daydreaming about sometime in, I don't know, maybe MAY when we'll get some warm weather here.

  5. You know we have the opposite problem here. I like popcorn and all but the hubby will eat himself stupid sick if unlimited popcorn is placed within his reach. I've seen it happen and it's not pretty. And oh the Christmas thing? We took down the tree today. No lie. I had taken all the rest of the decorations down but the tree was the hubby's job. Hence the late removal. Also if you want sun and cold friggin weather together move to south central Texas. We even got snow here one day, it was 85 degrees in the day and by 3 am it was snowing. Go figure. We do this weather schitzo thing all the time apparently. Can not believe the plants survive it.

  6. Longing for cold and unpleasant and rainy? Come on out to the Mid-Atlantic during the winter. Your creativity will soar. And if you love popcorn, and if you want, I'll have Miss Carol send you the recipe for Apple Crack.It's truly addicting. Truly. Addicting.