Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Christmas! (In case you live under a rock.)

If you look really closely, you can see me. And most of my apartment. Well... not most, but some. You can definitely see the long row of furniture that we had to push together to fit the enormous so-not-Charlie-Brown Christmas tree.

Someone was spoiled this year and by "someone" I mean me.

I'm totally going to make love to this thing all day year long.

I didn't cook a big meal, just a few things that I knew The Husband and I and The Mother-in-Law would enjoy.

I think this was the only meal I've ever prepared that was actually timed perfectly and by "timed perfectly" I mean all the food was hot AT THE SAME TIME.

The verdict is still out on the pie. But we'll take care of that soon enough.

Now? It's a lot of this...

And later, a movie. And probably a second helping. And tomorrow? I quit eating.

Merry Christmas, Internet!


  1. YUM pecan was the hit if this past turkey day here. The hubby saw me make it and then ignored it. He managed to get a bite in a few days later on the last piece and decided he loved it. So I had to make another. Oh darn...

  2. Looks yummy!!! Love that pink mixer - that color game out (along with many other colors) right after I got my PLAIN WHITE Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. I hope you had great Christmas! Love your sky photos! I got a pocket photography book that slips easily into my carrying case, a monopod, and Deke McClellan's guide to Photoshop CS4. I feel like I am amply armed now...I love your photos!

  3. Enjoy your new mixer, I am sure you will make lots of goodies with it.I bowled on the Wii with my youngest until my arm hurt. LOLCece

  4. Congratulations on the perfect timing on your meal. That's not an easy task.