Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Anyone for a swim?

J and I went to the beach last night. She wanted to jump off things and I said, "I'll get my camera!"

No, seriously. She's been asking me to take pictures of her jumping off swings. I don't know why. She's fourteen. Is that normal?

I told her I would, but we keep getting sidetracked. So, when we decided to run down to the beach, she said I could take a picture of her jumping off the lifeguard station and I said, "Oh, how gracious of you." (She's odd.)

Unfortunately, it was just dark enough to prevent us from getting nice, sharp images. That doesn't stop me from loving this one.

Such a turkey.

I seriously thought she was taking off her shoes to test the water. I waited, holding my breath, to see if she would really do it.

Now, I know there are several of you out there enduring blizzards and more snow than you know what to do with and you guys are cold. I get that.

But, for those of us raised here in southern California, Land of Sunshine, it was cold down by the ocean. It was windy and my teeth chattered. Loudly.

I could only imagine how cold that water was. I'm getting the chills just thinking about it.

She never did stick her toes in. The coward.

It'd be nice to have a great wide angle lens to capture the enormity of the ocean, but standing my little sister there in front of the waves does the trick as far as I'm concerned.

One day, I think The Husband and I will probably move out of state. As much as I try to deny it, leaving the beaches will be difficult.


  1. Leaving the beaches is very very difficult and I don't even like going in the water. Just the fact that it is not there to use as reference is disturbing (ie, the ocean is on my left, I am going north). You don't realize how much you use it until you leave it. I was never much of a beach bunny even though I grew up in Ocean Beach and could tell how good the surf was from the quad at my high school but I do appreciate it's beauty. There is nothing you can do to not miss the beach once you leave it but I tell you what, owning a home really kicks ass. As does the ability to send one's child to quality public schools in a city that isn't bankrupt. Stupid Cali politicians...

  2. And every year I HAVE to make a trek to the beach. I would LOVE to live close to a beach. California, Florida, Texas, Brazil, Mexico - I really don't care... I AM jealous with my foot of snow outside right now... I am cold, too. Different reasons! Love your blog! You are hilarious!

  3. We've lived close to beaches for the last 8 years (Boston, Quantico VA - does the potomac count, it's a large body of water, Pensacola FL, Corpus Christ TX and now beautiful Pacific Beach) and I can't ever imagine leaving the west coast after just a year here. It literally makes my chest ache and gives me anxiety, seriously. I just know we're going to be stationed in OK City at one point and I'm going to die in a flat central state.

  4. Such a free spirit. She is so cute.I would love to be walking on a beach right now.

  5. MichelleSG, I am... how should I say it? Directionally challenged? I would never think to use the ocean as a reference while driving. And I get lost often. And I, too, am not much of a beach bunny. I can't remember that last time I went swimming in the ocean and, aside from the occasional bonfire with the obligatory s'mores, I rarely go to the beach except to take pictures. I should stop taking it for granted and go more often.Stephanie, what's funny is I am jealous of your snow! I was just driving home with The Husband and we were talking about the fact that it is actually supposed to rain here on Christmas day. Normally, it's sunny and in the 70s. Then I said, "Maybe it'll snow!!" He just laughed. Well, a girl can always wish for a white Christmas, right?Yvonne, I hope you get to stay close to the water! San Diego is gorgeous! If I didn't mind the drive, I'd visit more often. Oklahoma City would be kinda... different. ;)Okie Sister, she is a free spirit and lots of fun. She's the only one who doesn't mind (much) when I have my camera pointed in her face.