Sunday, June 21, 2015

25/52: Almond M&Ms


It makes me nervous spending large amounts of money. And by "large," I mean anything over fifty bucks. (I'm totally serious.) So, shopping for a new laptop the last few months has been a little stressful. (It was much easier to spend the money when I was married and their were two incomes and a husband who took care of the finances and I could just pretend the money was limitless. That was fun.)

Anyway, I came home with the new Surface about a week ago. And let me just say this: the Surface Pen? On Photoshop? GAME. CHANGER. It has totally (at least for now) restored my interest in photography and Photoshop and I feel like a brand new girl! (A brand new almost-33-year-old girl who still has no idea what she's doing and now regrets eating all those M&Ms.)

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