Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect 400px

I went to see Pitch Perfect last night at the dollar theater. Again. (Even though it was kinda late and the dollar theater is kinda ghetto and I'm kinda nervous about being mugged or worse there.) Leaving, I had an idea to make a list of all the best worst movies I love. I think I was confused by all the singing and dancing which tends to be prime "best worst movie" material, but then I caught myself thinking again about how much I freaking loved it and finally realized that the most awesome movie ever doesn't belong on a "best worst" list. It belongs on the best movie ever list which wouldn't even be a list 'cause it'd just have this one movie. I tend to be a bit of a sucker for singing and dancing. Throw a love story into the mix and I'm sold. Yeah. I know. I'm easy. That's when my all consuming love of this movie just plain ruined the best worst movie list idea. The end.

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