Wednesday, December 12, 2012


An unimpressive list on a most impressive day. Sorta.

I couldn't possibly let such a significant milestone go by with only a short tweet to commemorate. And, yes, "short tweet" is redundant.

Today, peeps, is 12/12/12. And not only that! It's my 12th anniversary. At work, that is. We all know I won't be seeing a 12th wedding anniversary any time soon.

A lot has happened in the last 12 years. Since I was a wee babe of just 18. With my whole life ahead of me. And with that lead in, I present to you 12 Significant and Not-So-Significant Moments From the Last 12 Years on My 12th Anniversary on the 12th Day of the 12th Month of the 12th Year.

(2012th year just didn't sound as good.)

1. Started a job. My first real, adult job.

2. Met a guy and lost my V card. (Yes, I just used the term "V card." How mature am I?)

3. Moved. And not just out of my parents house (but, yeah, that too) (God, those were the days) but away away. Like 8 hour drive away.

4. Got a tattoo.

5. Got married.

6. Moved again, this time back to my home town, and had cats.

7. Started a blog. (Moved blogs. Stopped blogging. Started again. Moved again. And again. Blah blah blah.)

8. Read Twilight and was never the same.

9. Got divorced. (This could easily be significant moments 6-12 all on its own.)

10. Joined Goodreads and read some books. And read some more. And spent way too much money on said books. I freaking love to read.

11. Started a list of 12 significant moments of my adult life and realized I couldn't come up with that many significant moments. And was sad.

12. Contemplated the meaning of life and the meaning of me being in a job, that was not and still is not supposed to be my career, for such a long period of time.

13. Realized I have no interest in delving into such a deep, potentially (likely) depressing topic that would require me to look at myself and all the things I've done wrong over the last 12 years and The End.

Still... 12 on 12/12/12. It's worth buying a lotto ticket on the way home.

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