Monday, November 21, 2011

Five. Each of these things deserve its own post, but.

1. Thanksgiving is on Thursday. Thanksgiving. On Thursday. When the fuck did that happen?

2. I pierced my eyebrow. And while I was at it, I crossed out the two, wrote in a one and decided to pretend I'm 19 again.

3. I've been going out, like, way too often. This is both fun and problematic.

4. I'm a big, fat NaNo failure. (Emphasis on "fat" and "failure.") (I blame #3 above.) (Yes, for both.)

5. Come December 1st I. Am. Moving. Out. Way, way more to come on this later.


  1. I have experience with this kind of thing. My understanding is that if you don't appreciate your mother enough, you become jinxed. Start appreciating your mother in small, loving ways so that you don't have any more bad luck. Give her candy, and money, and your bad luck will end.

  2. Mom. What have I told you about commenting on my blog? This is so embarrassing.

  3. I wish I could see your face. Your mom is too cool for WERDS :p

    Also, I am excited about you moving out! This is going to change things, and I am hoping it's for the better.

    Miss you.