Sunday, March 13, 2011


It used to be that I'd come home, put my stuff away and wander into my mom's office. I'd lean on the back of her chair, look over her shoulder and ask, "How are your fake customers?" or "How's fake business these days?" For a while now, her and my sister have been positively hooked on these Facebook games like Cafe World and FarmVille. She'd laugh and say, "You should play! It's fun!" To which I'd respond with a vehement no because a, Facebook is the devil and b, the last thing I wanted was a mindless game sucking up all my time. I mean, I have books to read and, well, that's all. Which is probably why I eventually caved. And it didn't take much. Back in December, while visiting my sister (who, by the way, checks on her cafe at least eighteen times a day) I said, "Okay, fine. How do I play?" And it's been a problem ever since.

But a really fun problem.


  1. oceandoggyMarch 14, 2011

    Nope. No chance. No way, baby.
    I've heard of people getting so wrapped up in those things they disappear forever.
    Not me.

  2. I don't get it...really, I don't. People send me requests to help them earn more cows or join Mafia wars...and all I can think is "why".

    Maybe Rory is right....and when they disappear, it is because they have been sucked into the game? It could happen...maybe.

  3. Trust me. I didn't get it either. BUT then I started playing and realized that it doesn't suck up as much time as I thought it would. (I mean, I'm posting here more than ever, right?) It's not a game that I play for hours on end. I go in, prepare some food, then I'm gone again until the next batch is ready. God, that sounds ridiculous, but really, I play for maybe a half hour a day.

    Look. I have no life, okay?!