Monday, January 17, 2011


I told you 2011 was the year of the library.

(No cracks about the young adult novels. They were free.)

I found Paradise on a shelf in the used bookstore for all of a dollar. It is, without a doubt, my favorite book ever. Even more than Twilight. (Gasp!) I had given up on the idea of reading it (again). My copy is packed away in storage and I draw the line at purchasing something I already own. When my sister asked me to take her to the library, I checked online. None of the local branches had it available. Of course, I never leave the library without checking the bookstore. (You can't beat books for fifty cents.) I couldn't believe I found Paradise... just sitting there. As if expecting me. I am so going to spend a few happy hours falling in love with Matt Farrell all over again.


  1. MORE THAN TWILIGHT??? Did we enter some kind of alternate reality while I slept last night??

  2. Angry AsianJanuary 18, 2011

    ever since i got my Kindle, i am all about reading again, it is such a luxury! and despite my handy e-reader, i spent an hour perusing goodwill's bookshelves. sigh. i enjoy young adult lit too, it's great reading!

  3. Bookstores and libraries are the fucking BEST.I could lose myself and live my life in amongst the overburdened shelves if people would just feed me.And if Cutter and Tug could live with me.And Miss Carol.