Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kindred Spirits

Hershey's Drops. They're new. They're fantastic. They're the reason my pants are too tight.

I spent the first week of December in Utah with my sister and her family. I took a bunch of pictures while I was there. I was actually planning on blogging while I was there, but then realized I had brought my entire life EXCEPT for a way to upload my photos.

My four-year-old niece helped me with this one. I told her that in exchange for her help, she could have all the chocolate she touched. Then she proceeded to carry around that little plastic bag full of candy for hours. She loves sweets as much as I do.

She also loves the color pink and points out Edward whenever she happens to see his picture. She is a girl after my own heart.


  1. Just looking at that handful of chocolate goodness makes my bra too tight.

  2. Mmmmm.... that looks good.Cute nail polish :)