Thursday, December 23, 2010

I left my heart in St. George.

Oh, sure. The rest of you are full of the holiday spirit, taking extra time off work and spending it with your loved ones, baking and eating and wrapping presents and waiting for Santa... while I, on the other hand, spend all my time at work. Or with my mother. Playing Cafe World.

I have reached an all new level of pathetic.

And to make matters worse, I'm just three days into a two-month weight loss contest. RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS. But four people, each in for a hundred bucks, winner takes all? Peeps, I'd spend Christmas at the gym to win $400. (And if it weren't scheduled to be closed.)

So, in case you couldn't tell, I'm in a very un-holiday spirit-ish kind of mood. But instead of ranting on and on about how this Christmas might just be the second worst Christmas ever (yeah... there's been worse) I thought I'd share something I love. (You're welcome.)

(I make no guarantees that a very Grinch-inspired post won't make an appearance in the next couple of days.)

Wait. Let me clarify.

(Please notice the bag of chocolates.)

My sister adopted a black Lab several months ago. Her name is Amalie. And if I thought I could sneak her 80+ pound body out of my sister's home and into my mother's, I totally would have tried. Because I absolutely fell in love. She was such a love bug. So sweet. (And I wish I could say I was above the use of baby talk and kissy noises, but this dog brought out my inner moron.)

My sister and I spent a lot of time in her kitchen. She wanted to make gingerbread houses with real gingerbread. This meant rolling out about a billion balls of dough. And Amalie... well, she just wanted to be wherever the people were, which meant...

She sometimes found herself in the line of fire flour.

She would greet me with a (surprisingly strong and sometimes painful) wagging tail and an onslaught of (very wet) kisses every time I walked through the door. We took a lot of walks. She pooped Every. Single. Time. I could take her off the leash and she'd stay right by me; always came when called. And, most nights, she slept right next to me. How could I not fall in love?

She was quite possibly the sweetest dog I've ever met. (Also, quite possibly, the drooliest.)


  1. There is nothing, NOTHING, quite like the unconditional love of a Labrador. My first dog was a black lab. Loved that nutcase.

  2. That is a really cute picture of Megan and Amalie!!

  3. oh, and you still can't have my dog.

  4. Oh, come on!

  5. I couldn't say "is." My mother would take offense. She thinks HER dog is the sweetest I've ever met.

  6. My mother-in-law had a black lab called Tar Baby. It was the sweetest, best duck-retrieving, smelliest lab I've ever known.