Saturday, October 16, 2010

Goals. And not one has anything to do with Twilight.

My therapist once told me that I needed to make a list of goals. Then she called Twilight soft porn and I immediately quit seeing her. That psycho. Anyhow, I do happen to think she was right (about the goals, not Twilight). So, here it is. The list.

Write a "Love" post.
To counter my most recent "Hate" post. Because I think it's necessary to have balance. (In all things but my diet, apparently.) And because if I'm going to change my way of thinking before I blow my brains out then it probably couldn't hurt to start focusing on a few positives.
Due by: October 23, 2010

Go 30 DAYS without purchasing a single Starbucks coffee.
I know. This is a toughie. Not only because there's one RIGHT THERE in my place of employment and not only because I absolutely LOVE me a grande nonfat toffee nut latte, but also because I often use Starbucks as a means of getting out of the house. I'll grab my laptop and set up camp for a couple hours. Where will I go if not Starbucks? And, before you suggest a place, let's think this though. It would not make a whole lot of sense for me to replace one money-sucking habit with another.
Due by: January 1, 2011

Lose 15.
Other than a snarky comment here and there about my completely atrocious eating habits, I rarely talk about food and weight and all the other unpleasant things that go along with weight loss and eating healthy. So, here are a few facts: I used to weigh over 200 pounds. It took my a long time, but I finally reached my goal of 135 in early 2008. Since then, I've gained back 15 pounds. Most of it in the last 7-8 months. Understandable? Perhaps. Horrifying? Absolutely. My habits are horrible. My motivation is sadly, frustratingly absent. Candy is the devil. This has to stop. I know that getting back to where I was (135, not 200+) will go a long way towards making me feel better about myself.
5 pounds due by: November 1, 2010
10 pounds due by: November 25, 2010
15 pounds due by: January 1, 2011

Enroll in a class.
Like, a real one. You know, one that you'd take at a school? I've been talking about this for some time. I came close once. Then there was so much back-and-forth bullshit that I eventually quit trying. Shame on me.
Due by: The first day of the Spring semester (whatever that is)

Bake something. Anything.
Other than the cake balls I've made, I haven't made anything more complicated than a sandwich in the last several months. Maybe that's why I'm depressed. Recently I went to Disneyland and while there I went into a little coffee shop on Main Street. They had display after display of all sorts of baked goods. Double chocolate muffins, giant sugar cookies, spiced apple and pumpkin cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, you name it. They all looked so beautiful and delicious. It just made me realize how much I miss baking... and how badly I want to pursue it professionally.
Due by: November 15, 2010

Have new tires put on my car.
I know. Totally lame. But I am The World's Most Amazing Procrastinator and I've needed new tires for "a while." I know where, I know how much, I know I need to do this. And yet I still haven't made any effort at all to schedule an appointment. No, this goal isn't lame. I AM.
Due by: October 23, 2010

Initiate a conversation with someone I've never met before.
Yes, I am putting this on my list of goals. Don't look at me like that. 1, I'm an introvert. 2, I don't like people. 3, I work a lot. 4, If I'm not working, I'm reading. And 5, I rarely go out and even more rarely do I go to places where striking up a conversation with a random stranger would be considered appropriate. I want to get out of my comfort zone and I want to meet new people. Now I just have to turn into somebody COMPLETELY UNLIKE MYSELF and I'll be just fine.
Due by: March 1, 2011 (You're damn right I'm giving myself that much time.)

Finish reading the bible.
No, that's not a joke. And I certainly don't mean to scare anyone off by mentioning the "R" word. (Religion. Geez.) But I am a religious and spiritual person and my relationship with God is by far the most important relationship I'll ever have and, to be completely honest, it brings me peace. And (aaaaaannnd) it provides answers to some of the questions I have a difficult time answering on my own. So there. I want to finish reading the bible. (Wait. Is it supposed to be The Bible? Capitalized like that? Wow, I'm really bad at this.)
Due by: October 16, 2011 (It'll totally take me that long, too.)

Okay, I'm done. Eight is plenty. That was exhausting. The rest is kinda scary.

So, you know I'm gonna ask... Any goals for yourself?


  1. WOW.You go, sweetheart!!!!!All of that sounds so waaaaaaaay more better than your pity party!I'm so happy for you I think my head's gonna explode.You fuckin' GO.

  2. That list sounds good. In fact, I might join along in a few of your goals with ya :)::hug::

  3. Are you familiar with the Day Zero Project? You just reminded me of that. great idea! Love it! I'm in.

  4. I recently made a goals list for myself and I am really surprised that it really works. Due to the pressure of the list I go to the gym and do other stuff that I normally don't do. So good for you that you made a goal list!. Can I make a suggestion? Please add the next goal: Make more photo's and place them on you blog. I like you pictures! Greetings

  5. Totally a great idea. And I find that focusing on goals definitely gets me out of a funk sometimes because I have less time to think and brood.

  6. I have so many goals swimming around in my head it makes me dizzy. Maybe I need to do a list with expirations dates like you have done....get it all on paper and I might be able to concentrate on something again.

  7. These are excellent. I love the deadlines. I'm a deadline kind of girl.But for me? My goal is to survive 2010. I know that's lame; I know I should aim higher, but I think any further self-improvement is just going to have to wait.So you'll have to succeed for me. Can this be like one of those charity runs where the runner is, like, doing a marathon in honor of a sick kid? Let me be your motivation. Do it for meeeeee. Should I make you a t-shirt?(And in case there's any overly sensitive folk out there: no, I'm not really comparing my life to a child with cancer. Just a leetle joke there, kids.)

  8. All good ideas. You know you can go to Starbucks and not buy anything. They don't care. You can also go there and easily initiate a conversation with someone you don't know. Coffee shops are great like that. Twilight is not soft porn. At least not by today's standards. Not even close.Baking, make something and give it ALL away (see goal #3), that's just a matter of promising it to someone and going through with it.Enroll in a class, pick something you know you're going to love. That way you will not fail in the class and then become discouraged. Underwater basket weaving is perfectly acceptable as long as you find it motivating. It took me 9 years to get a degree. The only thing of use I learned was a deep sense of tenacity.The bible is a good read (yes I read it and I'm of no faith whatsoever) but I didn't find it useful. You learned all the important parts in kindergarten. And your teacher didn't even have to be Christian. The good parts of the bible are basic things that decent people do anyway. The fact that we worship a book to remind people to be nice is a pathic part of human nature.Tires, I'm an ass dragger about that too. They're just so expensive!!The love list, good deal. Get on that.My goal list was almost completely finished this past weekend. It kicked my ass so hard the bottom of my feet hurt from running around so much. It felt good getting all the stuff I put off done but dang, I need another weekend!

  9. Oh, and I should have said: try the library for non-consumer workspace and free internet. I get tons of work done in my library.

  10. I think I need to follow in your footsteps and make some goals for myself.

  11. Oh. My. God. Excellent idea.

  12. Dude, I hear you loud and clear. 2010 has been, um... tough? And there's a part of me that wants to climb in bed and give myself until the new year to start making goals for myself (I mean, surely I should be allowed to wallow for another two months), but then I think why wait? Wallowing isn't going to make me feel better. Might as well get my ass in gear and do something that will not only keep me occupied, but also make me feel better about myself. At least, here's hoping.

  13. More photos. I agree. And I will... soon. I hope.

  14. This is an excellent list. I should do one too! I would also like to lose 15 (or 30) but my most important goal right now is to post at least once a week on my blog. I've been bad, very bad!