Monday, April 12, 2010

Me. Meh.

I got tagged in a meme. There were a lot of questions and if I answered every single one, we'd be here forever and I'd never make it to Disneyland. And this need, this uncontrollable drive, to get on that Godforsaken rollercoaster is undeniable.

Do you like bleu cheese?
Yes. Like, a lot. Like, once I was making a salad and wound up eating all the bleu cheese by itself while standing in the kitchen. Now, that was a tummy ache.

Have you ever smoked?
Only the second-hand variety.

Favorite type of food?
I’ll give you one guess.

Favorite hobby?
This. Reading. Baking. Photography. As if you didn’t already know.

Do you wear glasses/contacts?
Contacts. Can’t see a damn thing.

Name three thoughts at this exact moment:
One, I wonder if my new bed will be delivered this week.
Two, I can’t wait to sleep in my own room.
Three, I hope I don’t fall out of the rollercoaster. (Yes, I’m going back. Today. This afternoon. And I’m pretending I’m not nervous.)

Name three drinks you regularly drink:
Water. Grande nonfat toffee nut lattes. Water.

Current worry?
That the rollercoaster will stall while at the top of the loop, with all of us hanging upside down, praying for our lives.

Someplace you’d like to go?
Somewhere quiet. In the mountains. Where I can see the stars. Where the night is so dark it’d freak me out and prevent me from sleeping.

Would you be a pirate?
Hell yes, so long as Johnny Depp is my captain.

What songs do you sing in the shower?
I only sing in the car. And I am amazing.

Last thing that made you laugh?
The text messages I exchange with my friend Jason earlier. They were rude and crude and we debated whether crying after sex was a turn on and how long you should wait before putting out and I was going to share the whole thing, but after I read it again, I thought, no, my blog's not ready for this just yet.

I'd tag others, but it would take too long to list every single blogger I know and love so, do me a favor. Pick one of the above and answer it. Tell me something about you I don't know.

And... go.


  1. I love that roller coaster at Disneyland! I went on it 10 times in a row one day when there was barely a line. That is the best roller coaster in the world!The last thing that made me laugh was Friday, my puppy, being chased by a cat who had had about enough of Friday's curiosity.

  2. This is a cool meme! Very different questions than others I've seen.Three drinks I regularly drink: Iced green tea, hot black tea, water.Have fun on the roller coaster! You can do it! Maybe you'll love it and go on it over and over again!

  3. Three drinks...Coors LightCabo WaboCoffee

  4. Enjoy that rollercoaster-you might find you love it!!Last thing that made me laugh was a description a mom wrote in a book. She was crying and her toddler came over to her and gave Mom her "blankie (red)" and pacifier. The Mom description of herself sitting there, tears running down her face, with a red blanket over her head and a pacifier in her mouth just had me in stitches. All the while being watched by her little one who made it all better.

  5. Water. Beer. Water.Or is it Beer. Water. Beer?I always forget.

  6. The last thing that made me laugh....I was watching a Friends episode tonight with my youngest ~ the one where Ross is hiding underneath the bed watching while Bruce Willis talks about how he is still sexy and then dances in front of the mirror as he sings the chorus to "Love Machine". I laugh until I cry every.single.time I see that episode.

  7. 3 thoughts *right now*Do I really trust my MIL enough to leave my son with herDo I really trust my MIL enough to leave my son with herDo I really trust my MIL enough to leave my son with her;) xox

  8. Last thing that made you laugh?i told my boyfriend i had a dream about us at the beach with a baby and he answers "what beach?" i guffawed.

  9. Men are so strange. I'll never understand 'em.

  10. I don't envy you this decision. I don't have kids, but I remember when my kid brother lived with us. He was sixteen and I cried the day I put him on a train to visit his dad. I imagine the anxiety is somewhat similar. But, I say go for it. Get out, have some fun, and try to relax. All will be fine! (I mean, she did a good job with your husband, right?)

  11. Love, love, love that episode. Love Friends, period. And I love Bruce Willis.

  12. I wouldn't say I "loved" it, but I did have a very "what was I so afraid of" moment afterwards. I'd probably go on it again. ;)

  13. I try to drink tea, I really do. I'm told it's really good for you, but... I just can't do it. Sigh.

  14. I would have loved to see that. We need video.

  15. Well, at least you're staying hydrated. ;)

  16. Wait. I know Cabo Wabo is a country song... but what does the drink taste like?

  17. I hate bleu cheese and Rene, but love DisneyLand and that roller coaster. I've only been to Disneyland once, but made the most of it.....Disney Death March.....9 am - 1 am. Soarin' 3 times in a row. Good times.What kind of bed did you buy? Been looking for one for a year now.

  18. HonduranBakerApril 13, 2010

    Omg omg im so glad your going to actually go do the coaster!!!!!! AAHHH. You can do this ok?! You'll be ok. Millions of people do it everyday. Okay. And then after you do it. Omg you're gunna be so proud of yourself!. You may choose not ride one again but at least you know you did it once in your life!! Woooo. Last thing that made you laugh?So... I'm an elementary ed student and I was talking with some friends while out to dinner about bad teachers we've had and she was telling me about an awful 2nd grade teacher who was miserable and used to pick her nose and flick it at the unfortunate students in the front row. So when she wasn't looking I crabbed a couple bits of lettuce and stuck them to my forhead and her reaction was priceless.haha yes i'm a dork.-L

  19. did the rollercoaster go? so jealous you live close to disneyland. i actually hate rides, and would never go. but shit...just to eat sugar and cotton candy all day...sign my ass UP! :)

  20. Cabo Wabo is Sammy Hagar's very own Tequila!

  21. I love rude and crude comments. So glad the people on my blog can't read my emails ;) Crying after sex a turn on? Nope, it would creep me out if a guy started to cry after a romp with me. Ewww, blue cheese. I once took a big bite of it and almost spit it out (perhaps I should have :)Thank you so much for your sweet words on my last blog post.

  22. It would totally creep me out, too.