Friday, October 30, 2009

A real post coming soon. And by “real” I mean not Twilight-related.

(September 12, 2010 update: So, this video's been removed due to copyright blah blah blah. But you can go here to browse New Moon clips if you're so inclined.)

I fear I may be reaching the threshold of "enough's enough" and will eventually be abandoned, but just pondering the idea of not posting this video seemed like pure sacrilege. So, here it is. Commercial, poor audio, and all.


  1. I finally saw a New Moon commercial on television the other night. Even if I had not been in the room, I would have known it was on because my oldest daughter jumped up and screamed "New Moon commercial, New Moon commercial, November 20th, November 20th". You would have been proud. :)

  2. Every time I see a New Moon commercial I think of you! Not long to wait now! Unfortunately, I have nobody to go see the movie with. My daughter hasn't read any of the books and doesn't want to. She's not into any kind of romantic, kissy stuff yet. (Thank goodness!)