Thursday, September 17, 2009

You’ll either be totally disgusted… or totally impressed.

Because who else would have time to blog after all… this?

I find it a little surprising that I’ve only just mentioned that I love television and yet I’ve never actually gone into detail about it. Well, since I’ve gotten some recent inquiries about it, here you go. In all it’s horrific glory.

I watch a lot of TV. I admit it. I watch even more since the wonderful invention of the DVR.

The Real Housewives of Orange County. At the top of my “bad TV” list. I started watching this ‘cause, well, hometown and all. Then I got sucked into the drama. Don’t care too much for Atlanta or New York, but I love the Real Housewives of New Jersey, too.

Top Chef. It feeds (get it?) my inner wannabe foodie. What these people do is art. I’m not even kidding. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. Also, I love to listen to the way they describe each dish. It’s like another language. And the quick fires? Always give me a panic attack. But in a good way.

Friday Night Lights. I blame The Husband for this one. He started watching it because, hello, it’s about FOOTBALL. Enough said. But I love the characters. Especially Coach Taylor.

90210. He’s going to kill me for saying this, but The Husband is responsible for this one, too. Okay, it has to be said. My husband still watches reruns of the old 90210. I know. So, when the new one started, guess who tuned in? Okay, I was slightly interested in seeing it, too. But the new season just started and I swear I had no intention of watching it. Of course, that was in the middle of some serious PMS and I was over it. Along with many other things. Except then The Husband started watching it while I was sitting next to him, READING, and, well, hooked again. Another perfect example of “bad TV.”

Family Guy. Enough said.

True Blood. This is the first time I’ve ever liked a show more than the book. And, fair warning, spoilers ahead.

In the book, Bill is away from Sookie when she gets attacked by Rene because he, what, runs for city council??? That was the most ridiculous thing ever. In the show, he gets called away to stand trial for killing Long Shadow. That’s right. Instead of Eric, it’s Bill who steps in and kills Long Shadow when he attacks Sookie. Which, in my opnion, is way better.

And when she gets attacked by Rene, Bill does try to protect her, but it’s daytime and, well, vamps don’t so sunshine, so he basically disintegrates before he reaches her, which was kinda anticlimactic and depressing, but it’s all good, ‘cause, later, Sookie rescues him. So, tit for tat, I guess.

(I really hope someone has read the book and/or watched the show to know what the hell I’m talking about.)

Weeds. Love, love, love this show. Um, when did Mary Louise Parker get so effing hot? And Kevin Nealon? I admit it. I didn’t know much about him, but thought he was a total douche in the World’s Funniest Commercials, but now? I LOVE HIM. He and Justin Kirk are hilarious.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Can we please have a moment of silence for the fact that I have to wait until next year for the new season? This is the perfect example of what The Husband would call “bad TV,” and yet I sucker him into watching it with me every week.

The Office. Oh, come on, Toby rocks.

The Biggest Loser. This show inspires the hell out of me. I think its way too long, especially when they get further into the season and have fewer contestants… I mean, two hours? Is that necessary every week? But I love it and try to watch it because it really does make me want to be healthier and, let’s get real, after a diet of mostly candy, I could use all the inspiration I can get. If I were to go on this show, I’d be one of those people to choose Jillian as my trainer and then totally regret it later on.

Heroes. When this show started, The Husband got sucked in. I tried to keep up, but if you miss even eight seconds, you’re lost forever. I quickly stopped watching. Then, one day after the first season had ended, the SciFi channel was playing a marathon and I watched all 21 episodes back to back. Then, when the second season started, I watched religiously while The Husband lost all interest. Now I let my DVR accumulate episodes until I finally sit down and watch ‘em all. I always think it’d be easier to just delete them and quit watching, but I can’t bring myself to actually do it.

Entourage. The male equivalent of Sex and the City. God, I miss Sex and the City. Sigh. This show is all about dudes which really means it’s all about T&A.; But it’s funny and you gotta love Jeremy Piven. He’s so angry. I like it.

America’s Next Top Model. Also known as The Show The Husband Refuses To Watch. I can’t help myself. I love the photography.

The Vampire Diaries. The jury is still out on this one. I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the pi
lot and I thought Stephan, while totally cute, was way too trying to be Edward. Although, at this point, I think every book, movie, and television show that happens to have vampires is trying to be Twilight. So… take my opinion with a grain of salt.

(By the way… I have no idea what it means to “take it with a grain of salt.”)

House. My most Favorite. Show. Ever. I love Dr. House. And I don’t know and I don’t care what it says about me to love a character who is clearly not a nice person. To say the least. He’s freaking hot and I want to be his patient.

Hugh Laurie is pretty awesome, too. I would totally let him be my famous friend.

Dexter isn’t listed due to the fact that it was late and I had to go to bed (where, instead of sleeping, I booted up the laptop and watched another episode courtesy of Netflix).

My Boys isn’t listed ‘cause I forgot about it. Even though this last season kinda sucked, I’m sure I’ll watch it again next Summer.

Seventeen hours of TV. I guess it’s a good thing they don’t all air during the same time.


  1. OMG! Love, Love, Love Entourage! LLOYD! I also like Big Bang Theory - feeds my inner geek.

  2. Top Chef is unmissable for me.House I watch, but mostly because hte husband loves it. I used to adore it but the last two seasons...meh. I'm hoping for improvement this year.I watch the Biggest Loser sporadically, but I try not to get invested because, yeah, I agree. TWO HOURS?!?!?!I'm trying to not hold the Housewives against you. Every time a commercial come son for those shows I scream, "WHO IS ENCOURAGING THESE WOMEN?!" at the tv. Now I know. It's you. Damn you.The rest I don't watch. I can only commit to about three shows at any given time. Beyond that my interest, attention span, and time wane.

  3. just to let you know, I AM Greg House.I mean, without the looks or brilliance or cool job or the vicodin jones. I'm pretty much just the asshole part.But I'm really good at it.

  4. My faves are The Office and Biggest Loser. You need to read my blog on Wednesdays. I recap the show. It's always fun to see all the comments and how many opinions we all have!!

  5. ha this post is exactly why i cannot have a dvr...i'd be in your position!i do however, find time (or watch online) to watch 90210, heroes, the office, and house. other i watch, not found on your list, include gossip girl, one tree hill, and glee. oh the shame! :)

  6. You should try the FX shows "Rescue Me"--a drame/comedy about NYC firefighters with Denis Leary. The writing is incredible. And my guilty pleasure, "Nip/Tuck"

  7. This was fun to see what shows you watch! I don't watch any of those except for The Vampire Diaries. I agree about the jury still being out on it. It seems like it could be a good show, but it's not quite there.

  8. I will share my list with you because you didn't ask:1. Grey's Anatomy and omg the new season starts this week.2. House because Greg Laurie is hot in a weird way.3. NCIS - this is totally the husbands doing. 4. The biggest loser. And if I remember to watch any of these 3 times during the season, I will be a happy woman. Luckily, I can buy the season's in a couple of years. I have heard that Grey's Anatomy is online to watch the day after it airs. Hmmm... Might have to use that option.

  9. Wow, if only I had the free time! I did watch House for a good long while but then I fell behind and they changed the interns. I got lost after that. True Blood, YES but I don't have pay channels so I have to wait until season 2 is done and then get the dvds. Patience, it's something I am so not good at...

  10. I'm with you on of my favorite shows ever. And I notice he has a much shorter "doo". :)

  11. WOW, someone who actually watches as much TV as I do! The Real Housewives of the OC are better than all the other housewives shows. Love love Family Guy especially the Surfin' Bird episode. Never read the books, but love True Blood! I was a little disappointed with the season finale though. The vamp diaries are good so far and 90210, I likes too. I'm going to stop there because I could write a book in your comments section. Lol.

  12. I'm definitely impressed ;-)I love to watch Family Guy and True Blood. My sister is reading the book as we speak :)They also air 'house', 'heroes' & 'America’s next top model' over here.

  13. Hat Chick, Lloyd is AWESOME.Alias Mother, I’m sorry. I’d chalk most of these shows up to terrible taste. It can’t be helped. cog, the asshole part is the best part. Chelsea, I’ll check it out. I’m always game for imposing my opinion on others. Natalie, the DVR is a problem as far as I’m concerned. Yes, it’s great for the obvious reasons… you don’t have to be at home or worry about your show recording, blah, blah, blah… but you wind up watching way too much TV in the end. Sigh. Wendy, you’re trying to get me hooked onto even more TV??? Actually, I’ve heard good things about both those shows. Gayle, after the second episode, I like it a lot more. I’m still not sold on the actress who plays Elena, but I really am starting to like Stephan and Damon.Michelle, yeah, I don’t do patience either. I’ve been watching Weeds on DVD and I’m about to run out of episodes. The good thing is that it’ll free up some time.Debbie, I noticed that, too! Not sure how I feel about it yet. NaKesha, I just saw the Surfin’ Bird episode of Family Guy a few nights ago. Actually, I was in bed reading and heard it on the TV in the living room where The Husband was watching. I was laughing so hard just listening to it that I finally had to go out and watch it. I’m glad I’m not the only one who watches so much TV.Dutch Donut Girl, thank you. I was worried that everyone would lean more towards the “disgusted” part. I mean, it is and obscene amount of TV.

  14. Well, we watch four of the same TV shows and apparantly have wine in common. It's a good a start as any. I enjoy your humor :) Blog bopping today, and wound up here. Somehow I feel the need for a Snickers....

  15. I love House and Dexter. I watch Judge Judy, too. I found Dexter one night when I was browsing Netflix. Netflix runs the old shows. I'm waiting to be able to watch this seasons Dexters. They might be on already. I just know that because they are on some pay channel, I have to wait until after they air to see them on Netflix.Other than that, I don't watch T.V. In fact, I haven't watched T.V. since June at this point. I need to catch up.