Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Something to do while we're digesting all that fried food.

One of my favorite things to do at the fair is wander the Great Hall of Art. (Not the actual name, but roll with it 'cause I've forgotten.) It's a giant room, one half of which is filled with photography, the other with paintings. Naturally, we stay on the photography side. Because we're snobs like that.

It's mostly amateur photography with just a couple of walls reserved for professional work. And everyone is local.

This is one of the pros. I love it. But if I get started on how I feel about tattoos, we'll be here all night.

I could seriously wander around and look at these pictures all day. In fact, I'm sure I'll be back in here roaming around before the week is through.

And then I stumbled upon this:

I have no idea who took this photo, but does it look familiar? It should. (Well, for the one or two of you that have been hanging around since December.)

Remember this?

I took this photo. Which means we were at the beach on the same day! (It had to be the same day. There's no way those funky crop circles in the sand would have survived overnight.)

And I took this picture of the sunset.

See?! Totally the same night. Which means that whoever took the photo of the pier was one of those "real live photographers" I was watching on that cold December night while munching on warm, candied almonds. (Mmmm. Those almonds were AMAZING.)

I'm totally feeling a connection right now. With someone I've never met. I love when that happens.


  1. Hahaha I recently participated in a photography marathon and one of the winning pictures was taken right in front of me. It killed me to think "It could have been me". Lucky them the prize was a point and shoot camera and I'd have no use for it anyway, because I think I'd have gone... well, ok, I'm a bad loser. That's it. And living on an east coast leaves me with no stunning sea sunsets to shoot (not that I could have ever done anything near your pictures, but still). Did I mention that I'm a bad loser?

  2. AnonymousJuly 15, 2009

    WOW! Thats so cool that you were both there at the same time! And that you found yourself in some random person photograph!-L

  3. What a freakin' coincidence hey? I bet that is you and your husband in that shot! How cool!I love checking out other people's styles when going through art fairs/shows. I came across a display last year where the photographer displayed many of his shots on canvas and they were gorgeous!

  4. Love it. And that's totally you guys. Claim it with pride. What, someone's gonna prove you wrong?

  5. Super cool. What a small world!! I wonder if they have a photography tent like this at our fair which is going on right now...

  6. Where'd those crop circles come from? They always look bigger when they're out in a farmers field in the Midwest somewhere.

  7. That is so cool! (I love that you remember what you were snacking on that night! That's the kind of thing I would remember!) I wonder if that really is you and your hubby.

  8. Utterly awesome. Same moment. Same place. Same instinct. Different perspectives. That's life, no?

  9. Just proves that we are all connected.....keep smiling in the halls.