Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maybe it wasn't as bad as all that. But close.

My brain has officially stopped functioning.

Maybe it's because I've been going to bed too late.

Or it could be that I've just finished working nine days straight, which I'm totally not used to. I've worked in the hospitality industry for nine years, the first seven of which were spent on my feet. For the last two, I've been no less than blessed with a desk job that would make most people want to shove pencils through their eyes, but which I happen to love.

It could be that, due to our less-than-comfortable staffing levels, I've spent most of the last nine days back on my feet, checking people in and out of the hotel, fielding complaints, butting heads with irritable sales managers, and making myself available to help ease the emotional turmoil of two twenty-year-olds who's positions have just been eliminated (thanks a lot, Economy).

It might be that when I do finally get home, instead of doing something to rest or relax like TAKE A NAP, I've buried myself under my laptop in a mad and determined effort to get here. (And CSS? Not flippin' easy. In fact, I think it stands for Can't See Straight... as in, once you're done. Or give up.) This goes on for some time, until The Husband finally forces me to fold up my ironing board desk so he can get in bed.

It's then that I realize I've failed to upload or post any photos. And why it bothers me so much to say "this just wasn't the right time to start this project" I don't know.

If it's none of that, then it might be that I still insist on reading before falling asleep. And unlike most people I know who say reading puts them to sleep, it does the exact opposite for me.

So, for the last nine days I've felt rushed, tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed. And only some of that has been brought on by myself. I am really looking forward to the next four days off (minus the two hours I'll have to work on Saturday morning). In fact, I'm thinking it's been much too long since I've baked anything. But that'll have to wait until after The Nap.

I'm curious. What emotion would best describe the last nine days of your life?

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