Sunday, May 17, 2009

The possibilities were endless.

But then naps took up most of my free time.

(I love our kids.)

It's amazing how one 4-day weekend can mean traveling, seeing the world, experiencing new things... and another can mean naptime. I've spent the last three days doing just that: napping.

Oh, I've made an appearance here and there. Lunch at the beach on Friday and, later that night, drinks with friends. Yesterday, I caught up with my mom and my sister. And today we went out to watch the Lakers game.

It was interesting to be in the middle of this huge crowd and all of us cheering for the same team. The Husband was born and raised in Minnesota which means he is a die-hard Vikings/Twins/Timberwolves fan. Usually it's him against the sports bar. And me? I'm a whichever-team-Tom-Brady-plays-for fan.

In southern California, this means we're the minority.

My feelings for the Lakers are a bit tricky to explain. I remember when Kobe joined the league. I was sixteen and thought he was so cute. And I fancied myself in love with a boy who passionately hated the Lakers, so, naturally, I had to watch so I could trash-talk discuss intelligently.

Then there was the "rape scandal." Peeps, I don't think he raped her. Yes, I think he had sex with her and yes, I think that's disgusting. Needless to say, some of my former fan worship faded after that, but there's definitely an interest to see how he continues to perform. I've followed the team for years and I'm a local. I can't help it.

The only reason The Husband was cheering for the Lakers is because he wants to see them play the Celtics, and lose, in the finals. He's twisted.

The truth is, if I hadn't married a man who loved, first and foremost, sports, I'd never have a clue what games were taking place or who was playing. Oh, I'll sit and watch games with him and listen patiently as he rattles off stats in my ear... but I'll have my nose buried in a book and I probably can't tell you the final score.

Your turn. How do you feel about sports? Do you have a passing interest? A favorite team? Do you get crazy and paint your face and wear costumes? What about your spouse? I need to know.


  1. No interest at all for me. Same for my husband. He used to like ice hockey, and so I watched it then. He got tired of it, so I never saw it again!Oh, your tweets have me more curious!

  2. College football for me.....Sept can't get here soon enough. My husband watches whatever is on except for baseball....boring!

  3. How lucky for you to see that game, even though it was a bit of a blowout. I am a bball freak. I am really looking forward to this next series against the Nuggets. Especially since my ex-Detroit Piston love, Chauncey Billups will be playing his heart out to win. I predicting the Nuggets/Caveliers..........

  4. Depends on the sport. Football I love. Baseball I hate. Basketball and hockey I like live, but hate on TV. I need the crowd energy to stay focused. The key difference I've noticed between me and the AF on this subject is that mine is an in-the-moment interest and his is an all-the-time interest. I'm interested in the game when it's happening, but I don't want the back story. I don't watch the drafts, care about player histories or scandals, or need to know who has been traded to who. He is all about all that. I just want to watch the action.

  5. I hate 99.9% of all sports. I believe in ice hockey because brawling on the ice rocks, as does blood on the ice. Australian rules foot ball I can do, they don't use pads and, once again, brawling is good stuff. U.S. sports? Stupid games. Football uses pads (pussys), baseball is slow as snot, and basketball is just a fashion show. The husband doesn't like sports at all either, he knows even less than I do about them.Oh and don't think my love of brawling translates to boxing, that is the dumbest 'sport' ever. It's a bunch of rules inflicted on a good old fashioned way of deciding a winner that just loses all sight of reality. Bor-ing.

  6. I enjoy going to live sporting events, and know enough (usually) to keep up with the action. Fortunately I married someone who doesn't much care about sports, so I can enjoy it without being bludgeoned by it. My brother in law and father in law, on the other hand, watch any kind of sport offered on tv and go to any game that they have time for.

  7. AnonymousMay 18, 2009

    Well first of all I must agree with u about the Tom Brady thing. YUM. Having him out all last season was torture! The boyfriend would drag me to "sunday funday" with his friends to watch the Pats. But really it was pointless for me because without Toms cute toosh in those tight pants football was meaningless to me. I hear he's back this season so I can't wait. But all in all I am not a sports fan. Celtics lost last night I heard so thats one less sport I have to hear about. But I have a bone to pick with whoever invented baseball... why do the games have to be soooo looonnngggg??-L

  8. Miss Carol and me have been Redskins fans for decades and centuries and Miss Carol follows professional tennis and that was about it until my brain got sunburned a couple of years ago and I started following NASCAR.Don't quite know what happened there.

  9. Sports and I have a complicated relationship. My husband loves all sorts of sports, especially football and hockey and basketball and baseball and the like, but I'm much more of an individual sport person. I love watching runners and speed skating and rock climbers, etc.I think my love of children's sports overwhelms everything, though. We were at a 4-year-old's soccer game recently and a guy came by pushing an ice cream sale cart. One of the kids on the team high-tailed it off the field and beelined for the cart before I even knew it was there. Awesome. That's the best type of sports event, something that the NBA can never replicate.

  10. I don't hate sports, but I don't care for it either. My ex loved to watch soccer. I just saw(hot) guys running around aimlessly :)But I love:James Blake;Freddie Ljungberg;David Wright;nick markakis;Reggie Bush;Ahum... maybe I should stop.

  11. I loved the Bucks as a child, until Kareem left for the Lakers and then I loved the Lakers. Then Kareem retired. (mournful pause) Words cannot express my disdain for Shaq and Kobe, and I have no respect for dunking (bring back the ban on dunking!). While not generally a Pistons fan, I think Allen Iverson brings a level of skill and beauty to the game that's been gone since Kareem retired.