Thursday, May 7, 2009

A few things I can tell you about this bundt cake.

I really like saying "bundt." Every time I do, I remember that scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I've never made a bundt before. I think it's harder than it looks.

This one did not taste great. In fact, it tasted like french toast. And french toast is delicious, don't get me wrong, but that's not the flavor I aim for in a cake.

The black tar chocolate was supposed to be layered throughout and, I don't know what happened, but it looks as if the cake was trying to perform an exorcism.

The Husband said it looked good, pestered me for a bite, then silently walked away, never to return.

Later, unwilling to write it off, I had a slice and topped it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was really good with ice cream. (But what can't be improved with ice cream?)

I went back to look at the original recipe to see if I could pinpoint where I went wrong. I can't, but I really want to try again.

So. Any recent kitchen disasters you want to share?


  1. I thought it looked lovely, but looking good and tasting good are different matters. Lets see... there was the mini cupcake disaster in which I used pastry flour instead of cake flour- the cupcakes tasted like sand had found its way into my batter, plus while tasting I burned the frosting.There was the time in college when I tried to make a strawberry cake in the microwave. I had a recipe for microwave cake, but instead of lining the bowl with wax paper I greased the bowl with butter, and I didn't know if the bowl was the right number of quarts (um, no, it wasn't), and I didn't have the frozen strawberries it called for. That was a pepto pink disaster.There have been others, but those were the most spectacular.And cooking disasters? The one that comes to mind is when I tried to make stuffed peppers, normally made with beef, with spiced pork. THAT didn't even make it onto a plate before being trashed.

  2. I tell you what, add a chocolate ganache to it and it'll be perfect. The recipe looks like it's just not creative enough. Next time make a rum cake (they are made with bundt pans too). The recipe is on P Dub's website as a Christmas recipe, I use it year round, no nuts. You will not be disappointed in it, promise.

  3. Recently? The flattest layer cake ever made by human hands - the completed cake, with frosting, couldn't have been more than 2" tall. The batter was so promising, too, I thought the layers might rise higher than the pans.Worst cooking disaster was the "skillet dinner" I made not too long after marrying The Ex. Hamburger, sliced potatoes, green beans, some kind of sauce, herbs, spices. It sounded good... He was (I'm sure still is) the pickiest eater I have ever known but I can usually choke down whatever I make even if I never want to eat it again. Both of us took one bite of that mess, our eyes met, and we nodded as he dialed for pizza delivery.

  4. My worst disaster.....the all orange supper. Fish sticks, mac-n-cheese and carrots. Ick!

  5. Mussels! I made mussels one night using a recipe I had found online. The entire house smelled like old gym socks and not one of my wonderful people would try one, the smell was just too awful. (and no, I didn't try one either.)Luckily, it was a Denny's kids eat free night!

  6. I have the same thing about "bundt" cake! Love that movie. Also noticed in another post that we have similar tastes in fave movies.My all-time fave movie does not belong in the genre of any of the ones listed and which I can always sit down and watch, but it was the most memorable movie, Le Violon Rouge (or The Red Violin).Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have you on my Google feed now since I like what I have read so far. :o)