Saturday, February 14, 2009

The I don't remember what these are called cookies.

I made these cookies weeks ago, but completely forgot about them until I stumbled across the pictures. Unfortunately, the cookies themselves were quite forgettable. The frosting on the other hand? Amazing.

Basically, they were chocolate cookies that I rolled out (I despise rolling anything), cut into thin strips, baked, and frosted. The cookies were good, just... bland. (I might have overcooked them.)

In fact, I was so unimpressed with the cookies when they came out of the oven that I went back to my computer and forgot about them until the next day.*

*This did not prevent me from picking out and eating the crooked and deformed ones every time I walked by the kitchen.

The only reason I spent any time at all frosting them was because I didn't want to keep eating these not-so-great cookies and I felt bad throwing them out. I figured I'd frost them and take them to my dad.

Except, something magical happened when I made the frosting. I think it was made up of espresso powder, powdered sugar, cocoa and butter. I think. The buttery frosting with that hint of espresso powder was holy-mother-of-God-amazing. Seriously. I used a small plastic bag to pipe the frosting onto each cookie and when I ran out of cookies, I frosted my mouth.

The frosting definitely improved the taste of the cookies. But I think the frosting would improve just about anything, to be quite honest.

In fact, I may have used too much frosting as it oozed over the edge every time I took a bite.

Wait. What am I saying? Of course, there's no such thing as "too much frosting."

Happy Love Day, peeps.

(I'll update this later tonight when I can get my hands on the recipe... just in case you're interested.)


  1. Nothing wrong with a spoon and a bucket of yummy frosting...

  2. I like that you frosted your mouth! The frosting sounds great! I'm making some sort of chocolate mocha cake for tonight's dessert. Have to make it after dinner because it's supposed to be eaten warm. Yum! (I hope.)Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Ummm, espresso in the wonderful frosting and you aren't sure if we will want the recipe. Of course we want the recipe! ;)