Friday, January 9, 2009

Oatmeal Cookies

I made these cookies a couple weeks ago. I'm not sure why I haven't shared them yet, but the pictures have been staring me in the face, waiting to see the light of day, and since I found these cookies so freaking good, I thought I better tell you about them.

These were the very first cookies I made using the new mixer. (Have a mentioned how much I love that thing?) I got the recipe from Alton's book and they are fantastic.

I know everyone has an oatmeal cookie recipe and maybe everyone but me already knows this, but the recipe called for cinnamon. I have never made oatmeal cookies with cinnamon. Now? I'm a believer.

Although, I will say this. The absolute best thing about these cookies were the bottoms.

They were golden brown and buttery and slightly crispy and each bite started with that amazing flavor before leading into the sweetness. I want to eat these cookies for breakfast. I mean, they're oatmeal. So, what's the problem? (Other than my expanding waistline?) (Which I don't want to talk about.)

On a side note, I promised myself that I will only bake once a week from now on. (Because of that thing I don't want to talk about.) This puts me in a tough spot as far as making a decision about what to bake. There are just way too many options.

Here is the complete recipe. Also, since I've become a firm believer in Alton's baking methods, I'm sharing the following YouTube clips with you. These two clips make up an entire Good Eats episode in which Alton explains his "creaming method." He uses this method while making nearly all his cookies and now I do the same, even if some recipes suggest otherwise.

Eventually, I want to try all three and hold a taste test. Any volunteers?


  1. I'm licking my screen. Did I mention Miss Carol and me are on diets?Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the Alton videos. Very interesting and informative. Who knew.

  3. OK, you seriously need to stop blogging about cookies because of that thing you don't want to mention is actually the thing I Do Not Want To Talk About, is also expanding... not because of your cookies but because I read your blog and then get this crazy craving for something ooey gooey and sweet and raid my cabinets (and that's just not good because I found I box of easy bake brownies and something else for my daughter's little oven). Light bulb baked cookies (or lack there of) are delicious! So basically, you're killing your fan base!! ... and I would like to join you for that taste test. Screw the thing that we're not talking about!!

  4. Jodi and Rory? I'm sorry! I won't eat any either! (Totally crossing my fingers.)Susan, the man's brilliant. He knows his stuff. Hopefully, someday, I will, too.Yvonne, we won't talk about it anymore. We'll just eat cookies and have a good time!

  5. These look awesome! I'm trying to wean my loving husband off of classic Toll House Chocolate chip (nothing wrong with them, but it's all he wants). This should do the trick.