Tuesday, December 30, 2008

(Insert clever title here because I can't think of one.)

Is anyone else tired of seeing this guy's mug on the home page of Flickr?

Tell me something. Are you a fan of the chin butt?

Me? Not so much. I realize a lot of girls dig it, but there's only one man who I think can get away with the chin butt and that's my next husband.


You know, I'm not a band-wagoner. I don't tend to cheer for teams just because they're winning. Nor do I root for the underdog. Sorry, but Detroit Lions fans? I feel bad for you. If I were a Detroit Lions fan, I would become a aband-wagoner. Get it?

Sometimes I make myself laugh. The Husband is amazing at keeping a straight face. I say something funny, get the giggles before I even finish my sentence, and he maintains a blank stare and then tells me, "It's not funny if you laugh at your own joke."

And then I call him Debbie Downer. And I tell him not to get his panties in a twist. For some reason, this makes me laugh uncontrollably.

Speaking of future husbands.

I'd almost be embarrassed to admit this. I am so completely infatuated with Alton Brown right now I don't know what to do with myself. In a book of his that I just recently paid full price for acquired, he says about his blueberry something-or-other recipe... "Sometimes I overindulge to the point of making myself ill... and I'm okay with that." And that's when I thought, we are so meant to be.

Besides, he can help me bake perfect cookies every time.

Ahh, cookies. Don't get me started. Last night I wanted to bake cookies so bad. And for no good reason except I wanted to use my new mixer, dang it. And my new-found baking knowledge that Alton has taught me from reading his book. Check it out if you want to learn how an egg can make or break your cookies or what happens when you whip cream. It's fascinating.

Another question. Do you prefer homemade whip cream? Or store bought? Or Cool Whip?

I prefer homemade when I'm being naughty.

Cool Whip is my nemesis. Seriously. Can't open a tub of the stuff without eating the entire thing. And the sad truth about it? I don't even like it that much.

However, several months ago I found this recipe on this much better blog and I made it and I was in love. It tastes just like Key Lime Pie, except I haven't had Key Lime Pie in forever, so I could be wrong, but it's really freaking delicious. I made it for my birthday back in September, when it was all hot out. This pie was so tart and sweet and cool and refreshing. And.

I totally can't find the recipe now. I think it goes like this: mix together a large tub of Cool whip, a can of frozen lime-aid, and a can of sweetened condensed milk. (I let everything defrost on the counter, but I don't think I was supposed to. It was easier to mix and still came out perfectly, so I recommend doing the same.)

Pour mixture into two graham cracker crusts (which I could totally eat plain) and freeze. Then eat a whole one buy yourself to make me feel better for doing the same not too long ago.

This totally made me laugh when I saw it over at Fussy's.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKoB8TPyHBo&fs=1&hl=en_US&rel=0]

You've probably already seen it. I am always the last to see everything. It's sad.

And, oh yes, you, too, will have that song stuck in your head for hours on end. Just like me. Except, for some unexplainable reason, every time I start singing it to myself (I'm alone a lot), I say "chocolate" instead of "popcorn." I don't do it intentionally. It just... comes out that way.

Eventually, I will poop chocolate.

I know, what a way to end a post.


  1. OK #1, I am officially the last person to see that video and damn that was FUNNY> Wrong on so many different levels I don't even know where to start.#2, I'm going to marry Alton, HE"S MINE. Well as soon as I can talk Giada into taking my hubby. I think he's going to ok with the trade off, don't you?#3, I have the Alton Brown cookies and sweets DVD, you should get some, they rock.#4, bake your cookies on baking stones rather than pans, they come out perfect every time and only burn if you forget you're cooking. Like as in tv show is sooo cool you've set fire to your kitchen. Oooppps.Oh and #5, I prefer homemade whip cream since it's probably higher in calories. And I don't sweeten mine as much. High fat low sugar, it's a trade off.

  2. Okay, this is not in order, but...The video - I'm the last to see it. My kids and I now have the song stuck in our heads. The football player, very nice. Never saw the guy on Flickr, but I'm new to that. Homemade whipped cream. Alton Brown, ummm, I don't know, but I would like to check out his book! I have never had Key Lime pie!

  3. AMEN about the weird flickr bathroom mirror shot guy. You know what other one gets on my nerves? The kid with the big red glasses and the red chapped cheeks. My hubs has the butt chin / chin butt, but he is still sportin the goatee even though we are entering 2009. He shaves his head though so it's ok. It's the tough guy look.

  4. Sorry, Michelle, Alton's mine. Gayle please, for all that is good and delicious and tart, go have a piece of Key Lime Pie immediately. I won't be able to rest until you do.Marchelle, I totally agree with you! And I hate the picture of the traffic through the rainy umbrella. Hey, Flickr, enough already. By the way, that "tough guy look" can totally be pulled off by the right guy. ;)

  5. 4 - Sorry, dudes, I'm really the last one to see the video. Which made me laugh while simultaneously feeling sorry for the poor hamster.2 - Looks like there's gonna be a slap fight over Alton because he has been scheduled to be my next husband forever. Even now, with that weird haircut in the Welch's commercial.1 - not a fan of the chin butt. I always wonder how they shave in there.3 - neither homemade whipped cream nor Cool Whip. I prefer my baked goods au naturel, as God intended.And, uh, Stephanie? I'm new here but I think you're my latest girl crush.

  6. Violet, you are too funny! "How they shave in there?" I so never even thought of that before! I just thought it looked weird, like... well... a butt.

  7. Dear Stephanie,thank you for posting the video. It was indeed really funny. My husband saw it as he was going out the door to work and he says he has the song stuck in his head now. I sent it to my IT team as a New Year greeting, hoping it will stick in their heads as well. Happy New Year!