Monday, October 27, 2008

Frey Supreme White Lemon & Lime

Let me introduce you to my new BFF favorite chocolate.

They sell this brand exclusively at Target and I always walk past them, intrigued. But, at two bucks a pop, they're a bit pricey. I can get a pound of Hershey's chocolate for two bucks. And I love me some Hershey's chocolate.

One day, after having spent countless hours minutes staring upon this chocolate, I couldn't resist any longer. I finally decided to give this one a try because I thought it might taste like Key Lime Pie. And I love me some Key Lime Pie. (Okay, I'll stop.)

Well, I was right. This decadent white chocolate had tiny little bursts of lemon and lime flavors and it was an amazing combination.

I um... I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I unintentionally ate the entire chocolate bar right then and there as I watched Hope Floats on A&E.; This was after the bowl of Risotto (more on that later) and I fell asleep, fat full and happy, in front of the TV.

It was just too good to resist. And I didn't.

As a bonus, here's a fantastic and super easy faux Key Lime Pie recipe that I found here.

1 large tub of Cool Whip
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 can frozen limeaid mix
2 pre-made graham cracker pie crusts
(I insist they be pre-made so that I don't feel bad about myself for not making them from scratch, but come on, people! This is supposed to be easy!)

I think the original recipe says not to defrost everything, but I'm a terrible reader and let everything defrost before mixing together. And it worked brilliantly. In fact, I don't know why you'd even think about not defrosting. Everything would be much more difficult to mix together if you didn't.

So, go ahead and let everything defrost on the counter.

Then dump everything into a bowl and mix until creamy.

Pour into your two pre-made pie crusts and freeze.

Then eat an entire pie by yourself because that's what I did and, again, I don't want to feel bad about myself.

Thank you.

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