Monday, September 8, 2008

e Minnesota or bust: the road trip continues...

Welcome to Idaho Falls! Where great adventure begins!

Or something like that.

This was Day Two of the Great Hot Road Trip of 2006.

The quality of this photo sucks leaves a little something to be desired, but I do love all the blue.

And we did see some wildlife as promised.

But I can take a short walk from our apartment and see ducks at home, so, while I find them cute, I wasn't exactly impressed. I wonder, had we ventured further, would we have found a nicer area? I couldn't help but notice that the immediate surrounding area was a bit drab. (I'm sorry, Idahoians! Idahoers? Idahans?)

We only spent a short time at the falls before getting back on the road. Our destination: Billings, Montana by nightfall.

But we had a big day ahead of us.

After leaving Idaho Falls, we were on the road for an hour before we came upon this place:


It's a drive-thru bear park. It's where we saw these two bears fighting dancing.

That bear on the right (or was it the one on the left?) pummelled my car. I guess he doesn't like having his picture taken.

And I almost tripped over this pig. I swear I thought it was a rock.

More ducks.

But they were babies and everything is cute in mini.

Much like these cubs. They were the cutest, most huggable little bundles of fur. I just wanted to jump the fence, run in and squeeeeze them!

The Husband restrained me.

We also saw these guys. They were hot and sleepy, much like myself.

And if anyone can tell me what I'm looking at here, I'll give you a hundred dollars a big hug.

After we left the bear park (by the way, I'm still not sure why it's called a "bear park" when there were dozens of other animals as well) we were back on highway 20 which would take us right into Yellowstone National Park later that morning.

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