Friday, December 9, 2011

Five. Before my hand falls off.

1. My left hand is swollen and painful. I have many theories, but no concrete explanations. With the way my luck is going lately, I thought it best to post something before the damn thing falls off.

2. If you've seen my (horribly infrequent) tweets, you heard the heartbreaking news. On Sunday, after moving out of my mother's house, I went to grab a few items from storage. Namely my books and space heaters ('cause I swear I froze my nipples off that first night in the new place.) I got there only to discover that 98% of my stuff had been stolen. Sad fucking day. And it's like the most horrible gift that keeps on giving, 'cause each day since then I remember another item that I'll never see again. (All my books. Just poof! Gone. Fucking assholes.)

3. In happier news: I moved into my new room this past weekend. I say "room" 'cause that's exactly what it is. A room. With a bathroom and a walk-in closet. No kitchen. (Yeah. I know. But since all of my kitchen appliances were also stolen...) However, my room is apart from the main house. I have my own entrance. And when I bounce up the steps, past my very own mailbox and use my very own key to open my very own door and walk into my very own room to the sound of ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, it's like the very best room on the whole freaking planet that ever existed, amen.

4. What's more? The house and property belong to wonderful people. People I know. People who hug me when they see me and tell me how happy they are to have me living there. Technically, they're Jon's people. I'd never have met them had we not been married. (Jon is best friends with Ben. Ben is married to Kristina. Kristina is Charley's sister. Charley owns the house. There'll be a quiz on this later.)

5. Despite the fact that I have a lot less to unpack than I originally anticipated, this whole moving and settling in thing has taken up, like, all of my time. Well, that and work. Which is why this place looks like shit. Forgive my appearance. Forgive my absence. Things'll be back to normal soon. (Of course, normal for me means clusterfuck.) Let's all just go out for a cocktail, okay?


  1. Oh my goodness! I saw your tweets and was wondering. That's heartbreaking. It's such a violation when people steal. I hope things get better soon, and I'm glad you're in a new apartment that you like.

  2. Damn....I'm so sorry to hear about the break-in. Common low life assholes feel like they can just help themselves to other peoples things..really pisses me off. You want me to curse them? ;)

    Sweet news about your new place....and welcoming hugs ~ can't ask for much more. Breaking Dawn.....did you see it? How foolish of me, of course you did! I saw it the day after it opened with my did not disappoint.

  3. That is horrible that your things were stolen. I'm so sorry to hear it.

    Yay for your new place! It sounds wonderful and peaceful!

  4. So you're mostly happy, right?

  5. Stephanie HarshDecember 15, 2011

    Curses? Absolutely!

    And Breaking Dawn? I've seen it three times already. Is that embarrassing? I loved it!

  6. Stephanie HarshDecember 15, 2011

    It is. I'm loving it. (And it's super good to see you.)

  7. Stephanie HarshDecember 15, 2011

    Is this your way of saying that even though someone stole my stuff, it's not the end of the world? Yes, I'm happy. Not even mostly happy. Just... happy. How 'bout that?